Expert: Is Your Past Keeping You Single?


You're smart, successful, attractive. And single. So why aren't you having better luck in the dating department?

Honestly, it's not about the lack of good men. It's not that you're too old or not pretty enough to meet Mr. Right. It's not about the fact that your work environment is filled with married-with-children types. So what is it?

It's your past. And not necessarily your ex.

Then again, maybe it IS your ex. Whether he's still in your life or not, your ex may be sabotaging your chances of finding love if:

1. You compare every man you meet to your ex and they never measure up.

2. Even though he's long gone, your ex's critical messages are replaying over and over in your head: You'll never find love. You're too old! You're too fat for some guy to want you. Watch—you'll be back when you realize I'm the best guy you'll ever meet.

Sound familiar? The worst part is, you BELIEVE those old, evil voices. And they're keeping you stuck. The choice is yours. And I invite you to STOP listening to those voices immediately, change your story, and decide you deserve love right now, regardless of your age, weight, or dating history.

Not hung up on your ex? Here's another way the past may be keeping you single. Because of past heartbreak and/or dating disappointment (NOT the same thing), you're so afraid of getting hurt again that you've completely shut down when it comes to love. Am I getting warmer?

Don't worry. You're in excellent company. And yet you're all alone.