35 Ways You Can Improve Your Life Instantly

How To Be Happy: Learn How To Feel Better Today

I recently experienced a health scare with a good ending. While I studied and practiced measures to improve my health, I also enjoyed more energy and vitality overall. As a result, I have now incorporated these health strategies into my regular habits, usually daily or at least consistently each week. These tips have improved the quality of my life, giving me a feeling of vibrancy. As a result of this increased enjoyment of my life, I decided to share these ideas with you.

Each body and health history is unique, as well as tolerances and sensitivities. Use common sense and your intuitive feelings to find out if a suggestion is right for you. You may also wish to do further research and consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner. At the minimum, you may get out of your rut and open your mind to alternatives that could enhance your life.

Here are 35 suggestions to improve your energy and your health:

  1. Drink more water. Whatever your current level of water consumption, add to it! Water helps each organ of our bodies run more efficiently, boosts your immune system and helps flush toxins away.
  2. Reduce or eliminate soda and alcohol. Neither are helping your body remain vibrant. Soda can weaken bones, create weight problems and has many other determents. Alcohol can impair your mental function and clarity and cause a plethora of serious health issues.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Consider a foundation of a plant-based diet. Eating more vegetables and fruits can lower your risk of major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, to name a few!
  4. Reduce meat consumption, especially beef, pork and chicken. Sway toward loading your plate with more salads, soups and vegetarian choices. Eating less meat can make you smell better and reduce your blood pressure and risk of serious disease.
  5. Consider reducing gluten. Try eating less bread and explore gluten free alternatives. You may see your belly slimming down and experience increased regularity.
  6. Consume less dairy products. Experiment with products such as almond or rice milk. Dairy products may aggravate allergies, sinus problems and headaches.
  7. Reduce sugar. Skip dessert or eat fresh fruit instead. Reduce your cavities and your weight with less sugar.
  8. Sleep and rest more. Go to bed earlier or integrate naps into your day. Improve your memory, mood, immunity and even enhance your sex life!
  9. Walk. Take a 15 minute or more walk each day. Like sleeping, walking is a powerful health enhancer and can also put a zip into your sex life!
  10. Get more sunshine. Add 15 minutes of sunshine to your skin each day—you may combine with this with walking! Grab your natural vitamin D and keep strong bones.
  11. Clean out the clutter. Get rid of anything that you no longer use, enjoy or absolutely love. You may feel more productive, mentally sharp and focused as you release the stagnant energy of clutter.
  12. Consider scheduling colon hydro-therapy session, a colonoscopy or colon cleanse. A clean colon helps your overall health. Release toxins, improve absorption of good nutrients and reduce constipation, all of which boost your energy level!
  13. Be less busy. Stop trying to do everything. Learn to pare down and say no. Connect with others more deeply, recharge and enjoy the simple pleasures that surround you.
  14. Read or listen to inspiring books. Daily inspirational reading or listening, especially first thing in the morning, sets a positive tone for the day. Reading also exercises your mind improving your knowledge, concentration, and memory.
  15. Practice relaxing. Add meditation, mind-controlled relaxation or visualization techniques, deep breathing, yoga and other relaxation tools. Relaxing helps us cope with the stresses of life on this planet and returns us to balance when we experience an upset.
  16. Visit a health care practitioner. Schedule a massage, acupuncture session or other therapeutic practice to give back to your body and re-balance. We all need self-care mixed into our lives so we have enough in our energy tanks to give to others without getting depleted.
  17. Exercise your body. Gradually add more exercise into your life. Elevate your mood, tone your body, and experience more self-confidence and well-being.
  18. Exercise your mind. Focus on what you want in life with affirmations and goal setting. By focusing your mind, you gain clarity and opportunities often come your way, especially if you write and review your intentions regularly.
  19. Practice gratitude. Write in a gratitude journal or reflect on gratitude daily. The ritual of gratitude reflection can improve your sense of well-being and contentment, especially if you take the time to write down what you are thankful for each day.
  20. Reduce your exposure to the news. Most T.V., radio and newspaper news is negative, so avoid it. Since most media leads with bad news, you might find yourself missing all the kind acts that happen and feel gloom instead of hope.
  21. Play happy or peaceful music. Add some singing and dancing with the music to get even more out of it. It is hard to feel sad while singing and dancing to uplifting music!
  22. Forgive more quickly, deeply and completely. Practice forgiveness each day. Forgiving helps your heart heal and opens the door to more love in your life.
  23. Love. Use kind words. Say "I love you" more often. Look for ways to love others and yourself. Love may extend your life, or at least create more happiness as you live it!
  24. Worry less. Worry is the misuse of your imagination. Worry often leads to illness, and what you worry about may never come to pass!
  25. Slow down and be present now. Wherever you are, be there with your full attention. Enjoy fewer accidents and more meaningful relationships with people.
  26. Smile. Smile at everyone you see. Look younger and attract other smiling, happy people to you!
  27. Laugh. Find humor in your life and express it with a good, hearty laugh as often as possible. Release those feel-good brain chemicals and see your stress level lower!
  28. Think positive. Focus on and visualize the best possible outcome. Looking for the sunny side of life and searching for the good in a challenging situation helps you cope and reduces unnecessary struggle.
  29. Be enthusiastic. Practice enthusiasm, even with routine tasks. Life becomes more fun with enthusiasm, and you may attract more opportunities and success along the way!
  30. Avoid criticizing and complaining. Look for the positive in events and people. Look for a solution, take positive action and switch your mood for a more pleasant experience.
  31. Appreciate beauty. Notice beautiful things around you. Nature and people are filled with beauty if you take time to look, which can provide you with immense pleasure.
  32. Keep an open heart and mind. A change might be just what you need. Tolerance can facilitate peace in your heart and in the world.
  33. Simplify your life. Focus on quality over quantity. Simplicity gives you more time to relax and enjoy what really matters in your life.
  34. Respond instead of react. Be thoughtful and mindful. Mindfulness lessens regrets and increases respect and kindness.
  35. Practice the 'Golden Rule'. Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you. What goes around comes around, so start a positive cycle and enjoy the lasting benefits living a life of compassion and caring.

Do not assume that loss of energy and vigor are an inevitable consequence of aging. Many mid-aged people and seniors are dynamic and energetic. Diminished energy and poor health can be insidious. Bad habits may have been slowly creating problems for years. Now is the time to take measures to correct patterns before more significant negative health consequences erupt. Which of the above suggestions are you ready to add to your life? Practice one today!

Please comment below with your health tips to add to the above list. If you would like to know more about the story of my recent health scare, read my blog post entitled, "What My Doctor Didn't Want To Know."

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