Summer Lovin': 5 Tips To Rekindle Romance

Summer Lovin': 5 Tips To Rekindle Romance

It's time for a fresh start — in your relationship, that is.

You remember the scene in Grease when Sandy and Danny recount their versions of summer love? When you hear this song, do you think back to the "good ol' days" before you had the responsibilities that come with being a grown-up? Do you remember hot summer nights, sweaty bodies, loud music and lots of fun? Do you ever wish you could capture that again?

Summer love isn't just for singles who are cruising the dating scene — trying out someone new each weekend. Summer is a wonderful time to reignite the romance in your long-term relationship. You might be married, but you're not dead. You've still got it! You just may have forgotten. As your life transitions coach, I'm here to remind you. Here are a few suggestions for getting your groove back this season:

Update your look. Go on. Buy yourself a flirty little dress, get a new hairdo and how about a new pair of sexy sandals to show off your new pedicure. Or, simply fluff your hair, smooth out your clothes and put on some lipstick. You're gorgeous — now, go rock it! (He will notice!)

Be spontaneous. Throw out your to-do list for the day, turn off your phone and close the daytimer. Now, go on a romantic getaway. You may find yourself in an area of your city you've never explored, a cafe listening to some local music or sharing a banana split in the park. You have to admit, this is a lot more fun than what you had scheduled!

Try something new. Embrace your adventuresome side that got packed away in a closet with your college textbooks. Dust off your hiking boots and set out on a day long trip, equipped with matches for fire because who knows where you may sleep tonight. Or, hop on a zip-line or try rock-climbing. Seriously, is there anything more attractive to man than a woman with a ponytail, huffing and puffing and squealing with delight? I think not! Keep reading...

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