This Is Your Year To Shine


I just love a new year. It’s like wiping the slate clean and getting the chance to start all over again. New years have always been symbolic for me. When I was unhappily married, I made the decision on New Years Eve that this would be my last year married. A couple of years later I had been dating all the wrong guys, and constantly getting hurt or disappointed. That New Years Eve, 2011 to be exact, I posted on my personal Facebook page, “This has been the worst year of my life but I know that good things are around the corner and 2012 is going to be my best year yet!”

On New Years Day I started a new journal. I didn’t want my old painful stuff to be connected to all the new stuff I wanted to attract in my life.  I wrote down everything I wanted in 2012. I gave myself permission to wish for everything and anything. I wanted more money, a new car, a new job that offered me more creativity, and more importantly, I wanted to find true love.

And guess what – every single thing came true.

Five months after my New Years Day journal entry, I met my future husband, got a new job a few months after that, and bought a new car by the end of that year. You see, I believe that everyone has the God-given right to get what they truly desire. It is so much fun to have your own personal journal and just wish for everything you want – no one can judge you for it and it can actually put you in a good mood!

So this year, I ask that you start a new journal for yourself. Write down anything you want – as if you’re ordering a latte from Starbucks. If you’re stuck in a bad marriage, then perhaps you desire clarity for what to do next. If you’re divorced and single, or have been recently heart broken, then perhaps you desire healing – maybe you need to meet a new girlfriend, find a new hobby, jump out of an airplane (with a parachute, of course), or maybe desire happiness. Yes, it’s okay to want happiness – you deserve it! And if you’re ready for love, then yay! What does he look like? What kind of person do you want him to be?  How does he make you feel when he gets home? Go crazy… write it all down.

So once you’ve designed what you want for 2014, I want you to go to bed every night and thank the Universe for bringing it to you. And while you’re sitting there in the dark, dreaming of all the great things that are coming, say out loud at least five things you are grateful for.

And just watch your life take off.

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