Three Reasons Why Your Lowest Moment Is A Gift!


When a relationship is on its final course and near an end, the two people in it don’t always behave nicely. There’s the fighting, bickering, insulting, passive aggressiveness, name calling… the list goes on. And when someone you once loved (or still love) hurts you with mean words, you might quickly retreat back to your own corner to lick your wounds, and reflect on what’s been said.

This act of retreating, this quiet time with yourself, may feel like the lowest moment in your life. During my own retreats, I have cursed God, cried myself to sleep, talked like a blithering idiot to myself in the car, all while playing out every moment of what went wrong. One might argue that these events “scar” us and make us hate our opponent even more.

But I think these moments are little gifts to us. And here’s why:

1. Once you are out of tears and the anger subsides for just a moment –have you ever noticed this beautiful sense of quiet? You may hear your ears ringing and your heart pounding… but that stillness is a wonderful form of GRACE. Someone that you love is sitting beside you, and just giving you love. (And suddenly, you just feel better.)

2. And from that stillness comes clarity. You find yourself preparing for action, and you know what you need to do. Right then, you know. You might say out loud, “I’ve got to go back home” or “I need to end this relationship” or “I need to say I’m sorry.”

3. You finally feel determined. Once you’ve dried your tears and know what you need to do, you are determined to make that happen. This determination is strength you never knew you had. You are so tired of feeling so rotten, you will make sure you don’t feel that again. That, my friend, is the human spirit!

One of my lowest moments happened about five years ago. I had been driving around mindlessly and pulled into a tennis court parking lot because I had nowhere else to go. I felt alone, tired, empty, unloved, and trapped within my own unhappiness. But it was that very moment where I decided I had to make a significant change in my life.

I drive by those tennis courts nearly every day, and they have always represented a sense of hurt and sadness. But yesterday, I did something different. I pulled into the very spot where I experienced my lowest moment. I closed my eyes and just said, “thank you.”  (And right then, I’m pretty sure Grace paid me another visit).

So my dear friend, when you have a chance today, think about some of your lowest moments and what ensued shortly thereafter. Was there stillness and Grace? Did you suddenly have clarity on what you needed to do? And did you make change happen? I’m gonna bet that you did!

Go ahead.. Celebrate your lowest moments, and thank them for making you a rock star!


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