Learn To Deal With Disappointments & Take Happiness For Yourself


How many times have you found yourself disappointed with someone in your life?

Disappointed because they said they would do something for you and they didn't. Disappointed because they said they'd be there for you and that didn't happen. Disappointed because you believed someone would actually do for themselves what was promised and nothing was done.

Perhaps you've experienced disappointment in others more times than you care to think about. Well, I'm about to challenge you on the reality of disappointments. What if I said, the disappointment has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with you?

Maybe you're ready to send me a nasty email, click off the article or maybe, just maybe, you're intrigued.

The truth is, people can only do what they can do. And even when their intention is to follow through with what they say, they still only do what they do. They either do what they say or they don't. It's really that simple.

Therefore, it's up to you, after just one time of being disappointed by someone, to consider that their word may not be as reliable as you had hoped. And, that they're really not willing to behave any differently for the time being.

People will often reveal their behaviors and patterns very quickly, and you may have to get honest enough with yourself to recognize when you aren't always willing to see what is being revealed right from the start. As you continue to put your faith and trust in someone who is not holding their own, then the real culpret of disappointment rests on your shoulders. When you keep expecting someone to do something different than what they are actually doing, you disappoint yourself over and over again.

It's never about the other person.

By the time the second disappointment comes around they haven't done anything you weren’t already aware of. What's really happening is you just keep pretending like you don't already know, conveniently keep forgetting or you convince yourself that it'll be different next time.

This does not mean you have to banish the person from your life. What it does mean is you have to access the severity of them not honoring their word with you and make whatever adjustments you need to so your disappointment pattern is no longer a pattern.

Remember, once you know what you're dealing with, you're in the driver's seat. Wherever you end up from there is all on you.

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