How To Bring Your Sexy Back After Divorce: 3 Go-To Tips

How To Bring Your Sexy Back After Divorce: 3 Go-To Tips

Divorce coach Leila Reyes shares 3 key practices on how to be sexy after going through a divorce.

If you're like most people, divorce has shaken your confidence to the core, leaving you feeling anything but desireable. Sexy isn't about the shape you're in or the clothes you wear. It's definitely not about what someone told you or what anyone else thinks. It's all about cultivating a mindset where you're steeped in your own juiciness. Feeling sexy is an inside out job, not an outside in job. Here are three quick practices to help you cultivate a sexy mindset so you can learn how to be sexy no matter what is happening in your life.  Get ready to turn up the heat!

How To Be Sexy Practice #1 - Breathe into your Yoni

This is a practice you can invest hours in, and you can also do this while you're driving the car, talking to someone you're attracted to, or even shopping for a sexy shaped fruit. Here's how to implement this sexy practice: Straighten your body and start to take a long slow breath. As you breathe, place your attention onto your Yoni and feel your breath enter your body and make it's way all the way down. Tell yourself, "I feel sooo sexy." Imagine the cells in your body swelling with desire and let yourself blush.

How To Be Sexy Practice #2 - Walk Taller

This is a very simple practice that will leave you feeling sexier in a hot second. Try this: Hunch your shoulders, round your back, droop your face and say, "I feel so sexy!" It doesn't work, does it? Now stand up tall, put your shoulders back, and raise your chin. Take a slow breath into your yoni, and say, "I feel so sexy!" Big difference, right? The reason this works is that energy flows more easily through an erect posture. 

How To Be Sexy Practice #3 - Tame your Inner-Critic

Remember, sexy is a mindset practice that can be sabotaged by your inner-critic. If you find your inner-critic bothering you, send it out on an errand or on vacation. Or better yet, fire your inner-critic! If that seems harsh, then you can teach it what to say and how to respond to you. There's no reason for your inner-critic to be in the same room with you unless it's going to behave. Period! 

Divorce often comes with an over-bearing inner-critic that tells us we're not sexy, that we gave away the best years of our lives, that we're unattractive and undesireable. It's all a lie! Being sexy is a choice you make, even when you don't feel sexy. Implementing these three simple practices will help you cultivate your inner-sexiness so it spills out and makes a mess everywhere. You're simply delicious!

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