How To Make Him INTENSELY Attracted To You Just Through Touch

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Are you tired of being a flirting failure? Tired of women rolling their eyes when you drop the worst pickup line of 2017?

Fear not! Flirting is a lost art in attraction and it is one that I want to highlight in this article.

Relationships and hookups can fizzle instantly when you haven’t spent the time to flirt and build attraction. If you fail to create an insatiable desire in a girl to want to be with you and be touched by you, that attraction in gone in a matter of minutes or when the night is over.

So to help you become the man that women can’t seem to get enough of, here are some easy tips on how to flirt through touch. But first, I think it’s extremely necessary to look at why touching is so key in seducing women through your touch.

Why Physical Touch Is So Important In Flirting

You might be wondering, "What about flirtatious banter?" And that’s a great question and it is an extremely important component of flirting and seduction. However, words can only do so much.

We tend to trust people based on their actions, not on what they say and intend to do. We believe and trust people based on their actual actions.

You know that saying, "Actions speak louder than words?" This is where this statement really applies.

For example, you can tell someone that you love them so many times until you’re blue in the face. But, if your actions don’t match it, does your partner or future partner really understand the depth of your love and affection towards them?

I would venture to guess no. Breaking the physical barrier of touch with another person does a couple of things: it shows confidence and asserts dominance. These are the leading factors in attraction and seduction.

Don’t tell her you’re flirting with her. Show her that you’re flirting with her. (And we will get to some tangible examples, shortly.)

We’re Animals

Another reason why touching is so important is because we are animals first and foremost. Not animals wandering around executing primitive behavior. Think of how dogs interact when they are sniffing out a potential mate, but our nature is considered animalistic.

The Attraction Doctor, in his Psychology Today article "How to Flirt and Seduce with Touch", says, "Look at any animal show on the Discovery channel. Animals don't court and mate with words, drinks, and dinners. They touch, nuzzle, stroke, and lick to flirt, seduce, communicate, persuade, and mate. Beneath all the trappings of our modern ‘dating,’ humans are no different. However, we often get so mixed up in talking that we forget to do what is really important. We forget how to flirt and seduce with touch!"

I read this, and I couldn’t agree with this quote more. Another benefit of touch is that the more intimate it is, the greater the attraction will be. So get touching.

Talking, flirting, and giving people a rubric to follow and a script to follow, when flirting is difficult. But with touch, it’s all about instinct and feeling, and you don’t have to get too caught up in what you say, when exactly to say it, and you don’t have the pressure to be the funniest guy in the room.  

Here are some ways that you can touch her to increase her desire for you:

  1. Touch when you’re making a point or trying to get her attention.
  2. Hug as a greeting and as a goodbye.
  3. Take her hand or arm or place your hand at the small of her back to move locations.
  4. Tickling is one of the oldest and most common forms of flirting through touch. It’s something that adults and children all do or have done.
  5. Sit next to her, not across from her. That way there is more opportunity to touch and accidentally graze her.

These are just a few of the ways to touch a girl to flirt that should get you started. I’ll warn you to use these with caution and sparingly. You don’t want to overwhelm a girl. So try one and see what her reaction is like. If she’s uncomfortable, take a step back, but if she welcomes the touch, then continue.

The great thing about people is that we are mirrors for each other. In social situations, we often adopt the actions of others.

For example, yawning and smiling are two of the largest examples of mirroring, but thankfully, for you, mirroring also happens in body language. And the more touchy-feely and affectionate you are, the more flirtatious your crush will also be through touch.

Yay for psychology!

This is a common practice that builds understanding between two people, and it encourages conversation and positive feelings around you. When you both are mirroring your actions, you seem to be communicating in the same way, which bonds and connects people.

It makes them feel less like strangers. And in dating, it is the best way to get to know a girl — not to mention, make her desire for you skyrocket.

So the next time you are going on a date or just meeting a woman for the first time, try to implement some of these desire igniting gestures, and you will have any woman craving your attention.