The Art of Noticing


Kind of a funny concept isn't it! Even I, the author of the above title, must admit, yet it makes me happy to note. I just made it up today as I was Noticing how much joy I get from simply Noticing things, without thoughts of judgment or action mucking up the works.

We humans spend much of our time NOT Noticing much of anything. We take in the tasks of the day without noticing what they mean to us. We interact with the people in our lives without noticing who they really are. We partake of entertainment, at times without truly experiencing the moment.

Noticing comes from a place that has us aware of and yet separate from whatever is happening.

When we simply notice things, we have a wonderful combination of heartfelt connection yet we are not attached to how it should be, so we can see the truth of any given situation.

Noticing allows us to REALLY SEE what is right in front of us.

When we just Notice, we can access our intuition and other elemental signals that let us know what is really important to us.

Try it right now.
Stop reading for just a couple of seconds and notice the objects around you. Notice yourself, what you are feeling.

What did you notice about the objects?
What did you notice about yourself.
What did you notice about Noticing?

Okay, this may be getting a little esoteric, I know. But it is something to think about, wouldn't you agree?

The Art of Noticing just might be something to add into your daily routine as a way of relaxing in any moment.

The Art of Noticing may be a term I just made up today, but I can guarantee you it is not a frivolous concept.

I dare you to explore The Art of Noticing this weekend and see what happens!