3 Ways To Spice Up a Long Distance Relationship


Women frequently ask me what they can do to keep their long distance relationship strong. A problem for most men is they need to be in the presence of their woman more frequently than women do. That's because women are so good at using their imagination to fantasize about their guy. But men don't do that. They need to see and touch you. But there are some things you can do if you've got a real relationship, meaning you do spend time together occasionally. If you've never met, that isn't a relationship, at least not yet. It's just the getting to know each other stage. In Men Made Easy I talk about the power of complimenting a man. That's good once in a while, but because men want to be with a woman who encourages him to enjoy being a man, you should focus on appreciating him. You see, the reason he fell in love with you is because you make him feel good. Appreciation offers a nice dose of those good feelings. So here three things you can do to perk up his interest:

  1. When he calls, let him know how much you appreciate it and how loved he makes you feel.
  2. Let him know how much you appreciate that he's doing this training and how taken care of he makes you feel.
  3. Then, if it feels right, why not flirt with him? Tell him you wish he was there because you've been thinking about the last time you made love and you're hungry for him. That kind of thing. If he responds, don't be afraid to have phone sex. This will make him miss you more than ever.

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