How To Create The Life You've Always Wanted (& Overcome The 2 Things That Keep Getting In Your Way)

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Most talk about manifestation like it’s this esoteric, voodoo kind of thing. But really, you, me and everyone else is manifesting all the time. Unfortunately, very few of us are consciously manifesting what it is that lives our hearts.

What is manifestation? It's the practice of intentionally creating what you want through the power of attraction. It's really about "frequency matching" with what we want. 

Are you manifesting what you truly desire that serves you, your family, and community? Most aren’t, and it is because they’re not attracting their desires with all of their being.

The world is ready for another renaissance — a time when more and more of us become aware of our abilities through the connection to "source" energy and begin manifesting consciously. Begin manifesting with heart. 

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We are ready for a change. So many on this planet are unhappy — we don’t have to look far to see the suffering and disconnect of the masses. When we pay attention to where we are, we get motivated. We are ready.

The last major renaissance we experienced was in the 1960s. Many people had experiences of higher consciousness (yes, some may have been drug-induced). But most didn’t stabilize this new level of awareness because they didn’t do the necessary work. They didn’t handle the shadow side of things. 

So, what happened with the 60s renaissance? Many of these “new thought” leaders fell back into the way they were living before. As they didn’t have a solid foundation to manifest from, they fell back into the trap of familiarity and complacency. They fell back asleep and life continued to be a struggle.

What can we learn from their experience? If life is a struggle, we may feel let down — let down by other people or even by life itself. Over time, this can lead to disconnect and even emotional and physical pain. Many people think it’s normal to live this way. That "this is as good as it gets."

The good news is that you can change your experience and become more conscious in your manifestation practice. Doing so requires that you work in “the invisible realm” of your innermost being to resolve the physics behind what’s creating what you don’t want and blocking what you do want to create.

In order to harness the power of manifestation in your life, you must first overcome these two roadblocks:

1. You don’t trust what you feel.

Developing a trust in your own heart’s experience is critical to consciously manifesting. This is the opposite of “being in your head."

By not trusting your feelings, your experiences can’t truly serve you. If, however, you allow your experiences to serve you through being honest about where you are, you’ll receive the deeper meaning of that experience.

And when you do that, you can shift either into releasing what you don’t want or into having what you do want that previously seemed out of your reach. Developing an ability to surrender to “what is” is critical to trusting your heart (regardless of what your mind is telling you) and consciously manifesting.

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2. You hold limiting beliefs, consciously or unconsciously.

Most of the time, momentum from the past shows up as a belief that you have about life. It’s blind and/or unconscious adherence to these beliefs, that may have been passed down from generation to generation in your family, that can block your ability to manifest consciously.

These beliefs can pull you back into the trap of familiarity and complacency. Their momentum is difficult to overcome until you become aware of them. These blocks may seem incredibly obvious and simplistic at first, but becoming aware of them in your own life requires diligence, a deep desire to shift from the old way to a life of ease, and grace.

Developing a spiritual practice that resolves your blocks is critical for conscious manifestation. And it’s by releasing past tethers (karma) and any limiting beliefs that you can have whatever it is that lives in your heart. 

Doing this work will open your life to more possibility. It will shift your momentum to create a foundation of a true and permanent renaissance that ushers the entire planet to a higher level of consciousness. 

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