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25 years +


Boulder CO 80302 - United States



Additional Expertise

Author, Consultant, Energy Healer, Health Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I am honored to help end personal suffering and to help bring in a new era of peace and well being for humanity.

About John Newton

After a profound awakening in his twenties, John was able to enter a ‘state of pure consciousness’ at will and for extended periods. It is in this state that John helps affect all aspects of well-being by removing negative content and burdens from our life and ancestral lineage.

Starting in the 1980’s, John had a successful parallel career in the entertainment business. However, starting a decade ago, John decided to follow his deepest calling: To help individuals enjoy profound physical and emotional well-being – as his career path. John shares, “Acting was more of a lucrative hobby, giving me the financial freedom and time between jobs to pursue what truly filled my soul: Helping humanity end suffering. As more and more people were helped by the work, the choice to switch careers became obvious.”

There is no physical contact with John’s work and no belief is necessary. The only requirement is to want help. John encourages people who are skeptical to let the results speak for themselves.

This work is presented to complement the care of medical professionals and not be seen as a substitute. Seeing our health care in a ‘holistic’ way may yield the best results. To learn more about John and his work, click here.

John also shares the Ancestral Clearing technique and other powerfully effective modalities in a workshop environment, teaching participants how to use this work for themselves, their family, and, if they are healthcare professionals, their patients. Click here to see John’s upcoming schedule of live and virtual events

John Newton Success Stories

“John Newton is an expert in complementary healing. His techniques appear deceivingly simple, yet are profoundly effective – almost magical at times.” ~ Sheila Kar MD, Fmr. Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

“John was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended. In less than an hour I saw him eliminate chronic depression, an intense migraine, nerve damage in the legs, and debilitating vertigo…truly remarkable.” R. M., Evanston, IL

“One session with John helped eliminate chest pain and weakness that followed my heart attack two months prior. Thank you!!” ~ J., Fairfield, IA

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