How Past Experiences (Even From Your Ancestors!) Affect You Today

how to forgive and move on

Do you remember your first car?

Mine was a hand-me-down that had been in the family for quite a while. She wasn’t pretty and had some issues, but she usually got me where I needed to go.

Like my first car, the physical body I was born into came from my family, too. Just like yours. 

How does this most important of all hand-me-downs work for you? Does it have some issues?

Absolutely. That is the truth for all of us.

Healing the past may be key to moving forward.

It is known in science that we carry stress and trauma from the past. It may be from this life we’ve lived, or it may be from our family — going back many generations. We don’t carry all the trauma from our lineage, but it doesn’t take much to throw the system off.

If we want to have the best life experience, it may serve us to do some repairs on our "vehicle" in life.

If we want to heal the past, then we need to pay attention to where we actually are.

If our car isn’t running well, it may be best to pull over and see what the issue is — to look under the hood.

If the truth sets us free, then we need to see what that truth is.

One problem we have is that most people don’t listen to their bodies. If something inside doesn’t feel good, they don’t pay attention to what it’s really about.

If we want a new experience in life, then we have to do things differently. It’s just plain and simple physics.

Working with many chronic pain patients over the years, I’ve seen that unresolved stress, resentment, grief and even regret tend to come back in different forms

History tends to repeat itself.

The actors in our play may change, but the frequency of it feels the same. So let’s rewrite our story.

Let’s clear the charge to the past so it doesn’t have power over us.

Forgiveness is the key keeping this whole process as simple as possible.

Forgiveness means to ‘let go’ or ‘offer up’. This work is not about reliving the old hurts. It is about accessing the higher power of our understanding with humility and gratitude. It’s about asking the Creator for help in letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

When we clear the old burdens, stress, karma and negative imprints that aren't serving us, we start to notice more peace.

We start to notice more free will available to us. It doesn't matter what has come before, as long as it doesn't have a charge.

When you see what's behind the scenes at a haunted house on Halloween, it’s not scary anymore.

And that's also true in life. Pull back the curtain, see what's there. Then you can deal with it and move on to a life of inifinite possibility. 

Ready to move on from your old stories, stresses and trauma? John Newton helps people with all aspects of well-being: Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. To learn more about his work, and Ancestral Clearing, please visit his website.  

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