What Happens When You Die, According To A Medium

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What Happens When You Die, According To A Medium

The moment of death is not something any of us want to dwell upon, but it is a common vision that comes in readings.

Many people say that your life flashes before you at the instant when you are dying, but I cannot say this is the most common scene that I witness as a medium.

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Dying is a natural transition.

The process of dying is the natural transition from the physical plane to the spiritual realm. Although the circumstances surrounding this period can be negative, the actual transition is not.

Fear is not prevelant.

There are no set patterns for the moment of death, but I have learned it's not a time when the sense of fear is prevalent in your consciousness. Dying is a time we'll all face individually, but I don't believe we'll experience fear, anxiety, or a sense of being alone.

I don't witness fear when people are transitioning. It's been my experience that at the point of death, as we are moving from the physical world, we're greeted with familiar people and angels in the spirit world. The creator is always there, too.

The topic of the transitioning to the spiritual realm is a touchy one, and I need to emphasize that the natural passing from the physical plane to the spiritual one is the most desirable.

Living the best life possible is spiritual work. 

However, regardless of any unresolved lessons you may have when you reach the next plateau, there are always spiritual beings there to greet you. The best way to make those lessons easier to overcome is to live the best life possible.

I am not going to discuss the concepts of heaven, hell, or limbo. Those concepts of the spiritual realm should be left up to your own belief system. My role as a medium is that of an observer, and I see the different experiences of people who have crossed over.

I will say, however, that when you pass away, you do not go into a void, nor does your consciousness cease to exist. If that were the case, I could not be a medium!

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A gathering of familiar souls.

The moment of death is interesting to me because I witness people having family near them on both sides of the veil. This occasion is often a gathering of souls in physical bodies with those who have left this physical plane.

The person dying often remarks that they see a loved one who has already crossed over around them. The same is true about seeing angels.

Dreams become more vivid near the moment you cross over for some people. They can be prophetic and preparatory with respect to the inevitable.

The scene is truly magnificent and sacred.

It's not my goal to paint the moment of death as something to eagerly anticipate. However, I do want to say it's one of those subjects that most people don't want to discuss, and in my world, it's an especially important event.

This occasion should not appear to be negative in all senses, either. I understand you don't want to lose a loved one, but death comes to all of us. It's negative to lose the company of a cherished person, but the positive of conquering a disease or malady is very liberating.

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Your loved ones are supported on both sides of crossing over. 

So many people are sad that they weren't with a special person when they crossed over, and I understand this emotion. Every circumstance is unique, but there should be no worry that a loved one is not being supported by those in both the physical world and the spiritual world.

Sometimes, you can only be supported emotionally when someone is passing away. Please know that this type of physical support counts!

Those already in spirit, as well as angels, are always around. They immediately rally when a person close to them arrives in the unfamiliar realm of the spiritual dimension.

A life well-lived is joyously celebrated in the spirit world.

It's ironic to me that the worry, grief, and pain associated with the transition is primarily felt by those left behind in the physical world.

Those who cross over start to enjoy the benefits of rest, peace, and contentment. They have no worries, pain, or grief, and it all happens in just a moment.

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John Cappello is a natural psychic medium who has been in practice for over 25 years.

This article was originally published at John Cappello. Reprinted with permission from the author.