If You Answer These 13 Qs, Scientists Can Predict When You'll Die

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Um, morbid.

Are you still going to be around in five years? It's a scary question to ask, but would you still want to know if the answer could change the way you live your life? 

If you're planning on being alive, you might want to work on your savings; if you won't be, then it's time to start living life to the fullest.

Are you between in ages 40 and 70 and live in the UK? You can now get that answer. UK Longevity Explorer (Ubble) posted a calculator that asks you 11–13 questions about your lifestyle and health in order to predict whether or not you'll be alive in five years. 

The results give you your Ubble age (the age that has the most similar risk of dying) and your risk of dying:

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The calculator uses data from UK Biobank, a health resource that tries to help with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases. It also collected data from over a half million people between the ages 40 and 70.

The survey takes your age, gender, and whether you have had any kids into consideration. It also looks into whether you smoke, how you walk, and even if you have experienced a death of a close relative or partner.

This is probably because they know it's possible to die of a broken heart.

So, are you ready for the cold hard truth? Click over to Ubble for the calculator.