The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women - Part 2

In part 1 of this series I talked about the most common reasons why older men seek out younger women (read it here).

In this part I will reveal some  insights which will allow women to attract men who are their age or younger.

As I explained last week there are two major reasons older men seek out younger women. The first reason is to build up their big egos. The second reason is because older men usually have a distorted perception of women and relationships.

The good news is that both of these obstacles can be overcome and the best way to do that is to know what it is most men really want...besides sex.

Do you know how most women grow up with the idea of the princess or damsel in distress being saved by the handsome prince or knight in shining armor? It is the storyline that pervades almost every disney movie and love story we have all seen.

Growing up and seeing these stories over and over helps paint a picture of what true love is. We learn that in order to live happily ever after we need someone else to fill that void.

We learn that we need someone else to "complete us" (see: Jerry MacGuire) and if we don't have that someone else there is something wrong with us.

Little girls are taught to believe that they need a man to make them happy and little boys are taught that to live hapilly ever after they must take care of and save their women.

As a result most of us get into relationships for the wrong reasons. The irony is that once we get that person to play the role of our partner we often find that we don't live happily ever after.

We find that in order to live in the real world, we need other things in order to be happy and fulfilled. And as a result many of our relationships fail.

Men are trained to take care of  their women. To be there and support them. To put a roof over their heads and food on the table. If you go back to the caveman days the man's role was to go out and provide for the women and children.

I personally don't think this behavior is in our genes as much as it is learned. And as a result of centuries of conditioning men simply think that if they provide and care for their women everything will be ok.

And this is where things start to go wrong for a lot of men. Men are very simplistic creatures. They think if they take care of their manly duties everything should be fine. And what's worse is these men think that they should be acknowledged and appreciated for doing so.

Have you ever seen the cartoons and movies where the woman says "My hero!" as she jumps into the arms of her prince/knight?  Well, that's what most men are looking for.

They want to be appreciated and they want no stress and drama. Yes, men have high testosterone levels and may want sex more than women but as long as a man feels valued and appreciated it does not matter how old the person is who is fulfilling that need.

The biggest way a man feels good about himself is by pleasing and taking care of his woman.

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