The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women -Part 1

Have you ever uttered the phrase: "older guys are only interested in younger women"? If you haven't you're either still in high school or God has gifted you with incredible beauty and you get men hitting on you all the time.

To deny that there is a large percentage of single men who are only interested in younger women would be foolish and ignorant. And I'd like to believe I'm neither of those things, so I’m not even going to try.

It is true....there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of older guys who are only interested in younger women.

Instead of debunking this idea I am simply going to shed some light and help you to understand how circumvent it.

You see, I believe it's not so much that older guys want younger women as much as they want what younger women represent. I believe the older guys who seek out younger women do so for one of two reasons: 1) They want to feel younger than they really are; and 2) They have distorted views of women and relationships.

First let's look at the first reason. When an older guy seeks out a younger woman it's usually because he is looking for that younger woman to make him feel better about himself. You see it all the time. The old, graying gent driving around in the expensive car and the girl with supermodel looks on his arm.

BTW, how come you never see on older garbage man driving around with a young hottie in his 98 Ford Focus?
For these guys it's about one thing and one thing only: Their EGO. By having a young hot babe to show off they feel better about themselves. Now, I'm all for feeling better about yourself, but if you allow someone to dictate your sense of security, you usually learn that those things can't get you the peace and happiness you really desire.

Don’t believe me? Look at Charlie Sheen? He’s been with ort married to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Heck, he’s recently been shacking up with not one but TWO goddesses, yet he’s still a tormented soul.

The second reason older men pursue younger women is because they have a distorted view of women and relationships. Many of these men have been burned and as a result they tend to believe that all women in that age demographic are the same.

These types of men are the equivalent to the women who believe "All men suck" & "All men cheat".
The sad part is that at one time most of these men did believe in love and commitment.

But after experiencing relationship hell and having their hearts broken (yes, ladies, men do get have their hearts broken, they just won't admit it to you), many men make a decision to avoid the older women.

These men have a very distorted view of women and relationships. They think that because they got burned before they will get burned again. They look back over their relationships and see nothing but stress, drama and games.

The attitude of these men is "been there done that, so why would I do it again?”

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