3 Critical Online Dating Tips For Women

There are currently 40 million single Americans searching the internet & online dating sites looking for love. A recent study reveals that up to 10 percent of the individuals on these websites intentionally lie and misrepresent themselves. Here are 3 critical steps that a woman can take to weed out those individuals who lie and pretend to be something they’re not.

Step 1: Avoid Free Sites - There is a greater percentage of men who lie & misrepresent themselves on free sites compared to those charging a membership free. Men who spend money on an online dating site tend to be more serious and more committed to finding love than those who frequent the free sites. It has also been proven that men who are on the paid sites tend to lie and misrepresent themselves less than those on the free sites because they are held to standards and guidelines that most of the paid sites have.

Step 2: Write a Good Profile – A man will decide within seconds of reading a profile if he thinks a woman is the type person he is looking for. A profile should be written in a way that makes a woman appear special and worth contacting. A good profile is written in a conversational tone and expresses who a woman is and what she is looking for from a man. Another great tip is to include those qualities and characteristics that a woman is not looking for. A good profile is written in a way that attracts the types of guys a woman is looking for and scares away those who she is not interested in.

Step 3: Communicate a Few Times Before Going on a Date – A common mistake many women make is to moving too fast. In the initial stages of dating a woman’s emotions are very high and as a result judgment becomes slightly impaired. Taking a few days to communicate via e-mail and on the phone allows women to interact with men to get a sense of who they are and how they carry themselves. Many bad relationships can be avoided by communicating a few times before the first date.

These 3 online dating tips are necessary for any woman who is currently using this method of dating. For more dating tips and advice click here;

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