Family, Heartbreak

Nicky's Gift Of Friendship

I found out one Sunday this past Holiday season as I was out driving around doing errands with my husband that one of my dear friends had passed unexpectedly. I am still in a state of shock and not sure exactly how to put into words my exact feelings quite yet.

I am mad. I am sad. I am quite frankly in disbelief.

And seeing the pictures in memorial makes it even harder to believe the truth that she is no longer with us. The truth is that I am not quite ready to absorb it all quite yet.

When tradgedy strikes at the time of year that is supposed to be about giving thanks, sharing love and spending time with our loved ones, it is hard to find a reason to celebrate, let alone give material gifts when they seem so unimportant.

In my rememberance of Nicky, I realized that she had given us all a gift that will keep on giving through each of us that encountered her.  She got me to think of the gifts that we can give each other every single day with our words and actions.

Nicky reached out to me in my hardest times and was always there with a message for me when she saw that I was struggling or having a bad day. When my basement flooded and we lost everything, she was one of the first to get a hold of me and offer to help out in any way that she could. On the rare occasion that we actually got to see each other she always met me with a hearty hug.

My friend gave to me the gift of JOY, SUPPORT, and LOVE.  

She was hilarious, spontaneous and filled with spirit of life! She was a survivor and one of the wittiest people I have met in my life. She cracked me up and was the life of the party—but when things got real she was the FIRST to be by your side, often with a bottle of wine and open arms.

Our gifts go well beyond the material.  This year, think of how your WORDS and ACTIONS will live far beyond anything you ever physically purchase.

The gift of friendship from so many have been the most meaningful gifts in my life. Nicky's gift was the spirit of life itself. I am here to re-gift what Nicky gave to me, daily. 

What gifts can you give today? A smile? Some patience? Forgiveness? You have no idea how those immaterial tidings can change someone's day.