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1-3 years


Berkley MI 48072 - United States



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Health Coach, Mentor

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I Believe

"Shine a light for others, and your path, too, will be brightened."

This is my philosophy in a nutshell.  I beleive in shining the light on not only the path to better wellness, but also shining a light on the underlying problems within our life circle - the core of who we are as people (education, health, relationships, home life, career,etc.)  Together, we will navigate the path together to find out what works for you the individual. 

I work with clients who are looking to make changes in their lives that will add up to any number of positive outcomes - weightloss, improved nutritional status, improved spiritual status, work/life balance, better self confidence.  

It is time to let yourself Shine!

About Jenniferlyn Kryvicky

I never thought as I entered into Engineering school back in 1996 that one day I would be a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, yet here I am standing on the cusp of the next chapter in my life, probably much like you.  "Hmmm... how did I get here?"  

My "here" and "how" go a little something like this - I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned over 100 different dietary theories, different coaching phylosophies and techniques;  however more importantly, I was given the knowledge of the importance in the PRIMARY foods that we do not eat - such as career, relationships, self-care, education, work life balance, etc., and see how they relate directly to the issues we have with SECONDARY foods - those which we eat.

In October 2014,  I started in the M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program at the University of Western States in Portland, OR, while I work towards my PhD in Natural Medicine.      

My prior education includes a B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering Systems and an MBA in marketing, international business and leadership.

My additional training has included becoming Certified in Teaching the Hormone Cure training through Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, and completing the Full Body Systems Intensive Functional Nutrition training from the Holistic Nutrition Lab out of Portland, OR.   I am also studying about toxins in our foods, our home and in our environment and how they impact our overall wellness as well as our future generations' wellness through training with Toxin expert Lara Adler. 


I believe that through a functional lens, we can dive deep into the system and identify the root causes of my clients' chronic  problems with fatigue, work/life imbalance, and general struggles to create balance, health and wellness that allows them to not only thrive, but to SHINE.

Warning: Side effects may include restored energy, weight loss, life balance, and a general sense of awesome!

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