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Dating Coach, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, YourTango Expert Partner



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Love is an inside job. If you are filled with self-hatred and loathing it will surface in your relaitonships. Loving yourself, without judgment is the key to completely loving and accepting another. Jennifer is The Self Love Guru. 

The expression of love in all its glory is infinitely greater when you love yourself completely. When you accept yourself you will love willingly, make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there to risk it all. When you are not able to risk everything, you get nothing.


About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I offer a free 15 minute consultation to discover your needs and divise a plan for you. Contact me through my website and request FREE CONSULTATION in the subject line.

I have an interesting and checkered past. With many partners and experiences, I  found sex frustrating and unfulfilling. I help empower women to love their bodies and themselves so that you love and enjoy sex as a sacred act between two people. When you feel powerful inside you become a powerful lover.  sent me on a healing journey to recognize the blocks she had to orgasm. Molestation causes women to hold back due to guilt from the past. Jennifer works with women who have difficulties enjoying and being fulfilled by sex. Jennifer is compassionate and understanding, easy to talk to and insightful. She helps you to build complete confidence in your self so that you feel beautiful inside and out. From a place of self acceptance and power women can then tell their partners what they want and need.

Do you want to feel:

confident in the bedroom?

beautiful and empowered?

strong enough to ask for what you want?

want sex to be more fulfilling and pleasurable?

I used to think sex was a serious thing. Now I understand how much fun it can be with confidence in yourself. Being able to ask for what you want gently and kindly without destroying your partner's ego is my goal. We want our partners to feel loved and accepted not condemned.

My personal life experience has created a deep compassion for those who stuggle with love and relationships. My own early childhood molestation and trauma caused me to search outside of myself for love for over 30 years. Self healing and deep introspection led me on a transformational journey of self discovery and healing. My first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory assists the reader to look at every relationship as a journey into our own soul. Rather than seeing ourselves as a victim, each relationship whether successful or not teaches us more about ourselves. My book is a unabashed look at my life from depressed and negative to one of self love and acceptance. I now enjoy the beauy of all that is, rather than focusing on the negatives in life. I became an intuitive Relationship Coach helping people heal from trauma and low self-esteem. My expertise is in creating a deep intimacy and connected loving relationships, beginning with the relationship with you.

I have been called the Self Love Guru, a modern-day Dr. Ruth. I am comfortable speaking about sex openly and honestly without embarassment. I help women achieve orgasm and connect to their sensuality from a place of compassion and patience.

I help women master relationships and open communication. Teaching that the cornerstone for every relationship is SELF LOVE. Loving and accepting ourselves no matter whether we are wishing we would loose 40 pounds, or haven't achieved the success that we wish for - yet. 

Those who have experienced early childhood trauma or abuse in relationships are attracted to Jennifer as she has been there, worn the t-shirt and given her t-shirt away to Goodwill. http://www.JenniferElizabethMasters.com

Jennifer teaches manifestation, Self Mastery, Self Love, Intimacy and Mastering Our Sexuality, Calling In The One, Being The One classes. She has been in private practice since 1989. Some of her clients are Internationally aclaimed self help authors and Spiritual leaders. She is a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Relationship Mastery.


Jennifer's Success Stories:

Jaqueline Shardin: Jacqueline had been ritualistically molested and abused in her family. Her pain and suffering had begun to bubble up and made it almost impossible to function in life. Jaqueline spent the last year before meeting Jennifer going from therapist to healer and not finding the help she needed. Jennifer's understanding of what Jaqueline had been through allowed a deep understanding of the fear and pain she was experiencing.

Jennifer coached and used hypnotherapy and energy clearings to assist Jaqueline to move beyond the patterns of victimization and abuse. Over a 3-month period, Jennifer worked with Jaqueline three times a week. This intense therapy helped move Jaqueline out of a deep and chronic depression which had kept her in bed for months without the ability to function in her life. The pain of the past had begun to surface and was unbearable for Jaqueline. Jennifer's fearless and patient coaching and clearing moved Jaqueline to a place where she began to feel safe again. Instead of divorcing her husband, she and her husband are enjoying a healthy relationship and enjoying their family together. 

Janice and her husband, Boca Raton, FL

Janice had been abused by her father and further victimized by her husband of 25 years. The past had begun to create a rift in her beautiful new marriage to a younger man. Jennifer worked with Janice three times a week to help relieve the pain and suffering Janice was experiencing. She was having difficulty communicating civily with her current husband. The past experiences were causing her to react to almost everything her new husband said to her. Her husband was a Spiritual Teacher and prominent individual. She had to get beyond this reactivity so that she would be able to accompany him on his travels teaching all over the world.

During the three intense months that Janice worked with Jennifer, there were tears, and much excavating as the past was uncovered and the discovery of the physical abuse was remembered. Jennifer walked Janice through the past events with her father, which shed light on the origin of the physical abuse in her marriage. The past beliefs of not being worthy, were cleared. Janice became confident and empowered through the process of letting go of the past. Jennifer used regression therapy to walk Janice back to the places she had forgotten and re-programmed her brain to receive the patterns of a loving childhood. Janice is currently happily married to the same beautiful man and they have twin girls.

Indian Romance and Marriage: Jennifer worked with Dr. Falak a Doctor of homeopathathy in India. Falak was dating a man she did not feel attracted to. Jennifer helped her to let go of a relationship that did not fulfill her to allow another relationship more suited to her needs to come in. When Falak met her new man, he was still in a relationship. Jennifer held her hand through her insecurity of losing the man she was falling in love with, till he was prepared to ask her to marry him. He lovingly let go of his relationship and took time to make sure his previous romantic interest was back on her feet. Falak felt jealous at first. Jennifer helped Falak to recognize that if her Beloved was unkind to his past girlfriend, he could also be unkind to Falak. Jennifer's motto is " As you do one thing is how you do everything." If her new boyfriend had been cruel to his ex he would most likely be cruel to Falak as well.

Once engaged there were issues with Falak's mother-in-law to be. Jennifer helped to counsel and clear the energy patterns between Falak and her new mother-in-law which allowed her to accept her new daughter-in-law and the two were married on January 12, 2013. 

Without the careful clearings and guidance, Falak would have chased her boyfriend away with her misgivings and insecurities. Instead they are happily married, and Falak is completely accepted by her husband's family. 


Jennifer's Credentials

Certified Hypnotherapist - National Guild of Hypnotherapists 1989

Neureolinguistic Programming 1989

Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy 2010

Certified Life Coach - Compass Life Coaching 2010

Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner 2007

Master Gardener 1997

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