5 *Steamy* Steps To Get You Hot (And SO Ready) For The Best Sex EVER

You'll be begging for more.

5 STEAMY Tips To Have Amazing Sex (Without Taking Your Clothes Off)! InternationalKissingDay

In today's busy world, we fast-forward through life — often missing the best parts. We need to set aside dedicated time for quality sex if we want our relationship to survive.

Soul sex does not take place in 15 minutes. It requires patience and planning, will give you countless hours of exquisite pleasure, and is the most amazing bliss that two people can have together. It is not an event that you can rush through to "get to the good stuff" — orgasm is not the focus. Pleasure is.


Follow these 5 steps to start slowly building sexual tension so you can bond more deeply when you're ready for soulful sex:

1. Start by taking a hot, steamy shower.

Start things off with a shower to get you prepared for anything that might come your way. Guaranteed — the fresher you are from the shower, the more varied the activities that will take place.

Smelling great is an amazing way to cue the senses and turn both you and your partner on

2. Set up some mood music.

Music can set the mood for anything — including sex. From Barry White to Marvin Gaye, there is a wide variety to choose from. Make sure you have lots of music lined up so you don't have to get up in the middle of things to skip to the next song.


Speaking of, before you go any further, make sure you have your cell phones, and television turned off. Any interruption can jar you back to reality. Your focus should be on each other.

3. Concentrate on each other.

Before the first touch, sit in front of each other, facing each other. Take a few moments to sit in silence and just breathe in the other. Without touching, close your eyes and enjoy your combined energy.

This time will help you both get centered and calm from your day. Let each exhalation release all the negativity you have accumulated from the outside world.

4. Gaze into each other's eyes.

It begins with a look. A deep meaningful look where you gaze into your partners soul. You are not thinking about what to pick up at the grocery store, or texting while you are intermittently gazing into your partners eyes. With a soft focus on nothing else matters but each other.


Keep your bodies from touching. Focus only on their eyes. You may laugh, or you may cry — be open to either. You have to able to allow your partner to see inside you. Be transparent. Do not try to hide or put up barriers to the other, or you will miss the really deep intimacy you are creating.

5. Kiss them.

Kissing itself is an art. Some people can have an orgasm just by kissing. If you want your relationship to be more passionate or last, kiss more often. The hormone oxytocin is released as well as endorphins which make you feel good. 


Think of velvet. Soft, gentle and delicate. Subtlety is an art. Instead of using your tongue and full-on lips, with lots of pressure, touch noses first, hesitate to join with your lips. Let the energy between you grow and build slowly.

Learn how to kiss in different ways. Vary your styles and pressure. A delicate tug on your partner's lower lip, almost a bite, without the pain. Pull back and look at your partner. Are their eyes dilated? Are they getting aroused? Try kissing in different places, like the palm of your partner's hand.

Now that you have kissed lightly, brushing each other's lips, allow yourself to begin closing in and embracing fully, at the same time kissing deeply allowing your tongue to enter your partner's mouth. Allow your passion to rise, as it does your partner's will also.

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