I Married A Gay Man

I should have known by his first kiss

After eight years of single life I finally felt I was healed and ready to date. I carefully perused the best dating sites, finally landing on Chemistry.com. 

After looking through several photos, I decided to leave the selection to chance, allowing the men to come to me. I weeded out the ones that seemed too weird after a few e-mails and found a nice looking ginger-haired fitness junkie named Jason. His photo told me he was hiding something. His face was hidden by his hat and the photo was taken way too far away. Reading his profile I found he was into mountain biking, motor cycling, white water kyaking and snow-boarding. I wondered silently if he had a death wish and set up our first date. 

Jason lived in North Carolina, five hours away from where I was in Georgia. I was concerned that we would not get to see each other enough if we hit it off. He assured me that would not be an issue. He would rather see me in person than talk on the phone. I was flattered that he made the five hour drive for our breakfast date. He was on time, clean, neat and quiet. He seemed messmerized by me and allowed me to ramble on over breakfast. At the end of our date, he walked me over to his pick-up truck to meet his dog. I liked him, he seemed polite, respectful and an animal lover. What's not to like?. We arranged a second date and had a quick hug and I was off to work.

Kindred Spirits

My daughter met him briefly after our second date and instantly disliked him. The way he kissed me bugged the heck out of her. Instead of a soft lipped kiss, It was always with a smacking noise. I should have known then that something was not quite right. We talked for hours and felt so comfortable, our birthday's were within a day of each other. We felt like kindred spirits. As he left he kissed me again, with a smack. It was not a deep mouth-open sexy kiss like I was used to. It left me wondering. I brushed off any misgivings as everything else seemed so great. 

Things Were Moving Way Too Fast

He had a good job and before long was talking about moving to Georgia so we could spend more time together. I felt it was way too early. I felt rushed. I told him I was not ready to have sex. He was a gentleman and said he would wait until I was ready. When we made out he told me he felt so close to me already, it felt like being home. I knew he had become vulnerable with me. His words seemed sincere. It just seemed too soon. He had been married for 25 years to the same woman. He told me she had numerous affairs. He talked about catching her in bed with a weasel of a guy. I felt for him. I could also sense how he could with-hold love. I knew that a woman does not have an affair without a reason. He explained it away by saying she drank. Alcholism and affairs often accompany one another. It all made perfect sense. 

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