2 Easy Ways To Improve Your Intimacy

Find your partner again

Transform your marriage by DOING something about it

Over 10 years ago I had an idea that changed my life and my marriage.

I began to wonder what was possible between two people who loved each other. Was there a limit, in terms of passion, connection and deeper levels of happiness and fulfillment?

Clearly I had no idea, but I decided to make a commitment to myself that I was going to find out, despite the fact that my wife and I were struggling to communicate with each other at the time.

If you have read my book The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, then you know some of the things that I did to transform my marriage.

It wasn’t always easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

The ideas and strategies from that experience have become the foundational pieces of the work that I have been doing with individuals and couples over the past decade. With the right support, you can have the marriage that you really want.

Here are two focus points if you are craving deeper intimacy or even simply a happier marriage:

1. Make a new decision!

Decide that you are going to DO something about it. Stop pretending that you are going to get it done someday soon when you have time.  It’s your life; you get to choose what’s acceptable to you and what’s not. And you’ve procrastinated long enough. If your marriage is not happy, loving, and intimately connected, then you have settled for a standard that is far less than what you deserve. You deserve so much more. It’s time to do something about it.   

Do something about it With or Without your partner. One committed person has incredible power to shift the relationship. I have proven that in my own marriage and with many committed couples and individual clients. Of course it’s easier with two committed people, but that isn’t always the reality of life. You can only control yourself and your creative effort, and that in my experience is often enough to completely transform a marriage.

2. Make a commitment to yourself.

Commit to learning what to do and what not to do. People are unknowingly making simple mistakes that are devastating to their marriages. Read my book, it’s filled with strategies that work right away to shift even the most difficult situations. And get the help you need if you haven’t been able to shift the relationship on your own. Be selective about that, find out about track records and personal marriage success of the person you might want to work with. Are they a role model for a happy marriage?

The truth is that you will not suddenly figure this out all by yourself after years of disconnect. You will need support. With the right person, your chances of success increase dramatically. Don't leave it to chance because most people are not able to save their marriage on their own.

Judge yourself on your effort to do the things that will actually work. Once you know what they are, recognize that you can always control your part in the relationship repair 100% of the time.  You will never control your partner, but you can influence them by doing what works to make them feel valued, loved and appreciated by you. Only then can things begin to change. If you wait for your partner to go first, you will always be disappointed and remain stuck.

How much unhappiness is enough? How much disconnect will you settle for? Choose something better for yourself and recognize that it can’t happen until YOU do something about it. It can start here.

For inquiries about my direct input on your situation, email jeff@peakresultscoaching.com and we will talk without obligation, about how to get you the results that you really want. I work with people all over the US by Skype.

It’s hard to be truly happy until you get the relationship part of your life right. It’s that important.