Simple Sensual Massage Secrets For Sweethearts 101

couple on floor

If you have a sweetheart, you are most likely acutely aware that the most romantic of holidays is just around the corner. Valentine's Day is THE holiday for couples to celebrate and express romantic love to one another. Perhaps you are already thinking about what you would like to try this year to make this an especially romantic day. If you are seeking to offer something more personal and intimate than a store bought Valentine's Day card, a banquette of flowers or chocolate candies in a heart shaped box, perhaps offering a delightfully pampering sensual massage experience would ignite your lover's heart and passion. You may wish to simply treat your sweetheart this time around, or perhaps suggest that you both take a turns pampering each other.

For many lovers touch is a significant way to demonstrate and communicate love. Every one of us actually needs touch for our health and emotional well being. It's good for our circulation, our nervous system, helps us to relax and unwind. Most of all, it can make us feel loved. It potentially enhances the intimate connection we share with our partner. If you really want to offer your partner something out of the ordinary, a truly pampering sensual massage, this should involve a bit more than simply slathering your partner with some oil or lotion for a few minutes. Very slow, conscious touch is the best.

A sensual massage is an art. Like most art forms, you want to communicate something with your art. It is most meaningful when the art comes from the heart, but without the right materials to work with and some basic awareness of what techniques to use to get the effect you want, your art may fall short of your vision. You may be wondering, “Where should I begin?” I am ready to offer you some simple secret DOs and DON’Ts that if implemented, could take your Valentine’s Day sensual massage from ordinary to extraordinary!

Setting the Stage
DO put some thought into the details before the massage begins.  When preparing to give a sensual massage, it is important to keep in mind that the intention is to pamper your partner by delighting all the senses, and giving them an exquisite experience of pleasure. Naturally the sense of touch has center stage in a sensual massage, but we should not forget about the rest of the senses. You are certainly not here to offer your partner a detached, mechanical or clinical treatment. This is very personal. When orchestrating this experience, take what you know about your partner’s likes and dislikes into consideration. You should also consider the timing. Ideally, going into the massage, you should not be either too full or too hungry.  Although I do not recommend timing the massage to immediately follow a heavy meal, a light tasty snack before your massage might be a splendid idea. This will offer some pleasure to the taste buds and provide energy to sustain you through the massage.  Perhaps you could select some sensual finger type foods, preferably something that you know your partner likes, that you could feed to each other. 

DO keep the temperature comfortable. I recommend keeping the room a bit on the warm side; perhaps around 75 or 76 degrees or so. You want it to be warm enough for the recipient to be totally comfortable when uncovered (nude). The best way to know for sure is to ask the recipient if it is warm enough, and if not, turn up the heat until it is. If the room you are using tends to get cold or drafty, you may want to have a space heater in the room with you. You simply want to plan ahead so that you can easily adjust the temperature as necessary to make it pleasantly warm and toasty, yet not too hot. Keep in mind that when it is warm enough for the recipient, it may possibly feel a bit too warm to the one giving the massage, because whoever is giving the massage will be exerting more energy, so be careful not to drip sweat on your partner.  Keep an extra hand towel handy in case you need to wipe your brow.

DO pay attention to the ambiance. I love doing a sensual massage in a room with a fireplace. A fire adds to the ambiance, as well as the overall feeling of warmth. Remember, we want to delight the senses. If a fireplace is not available, then perhaps light a candle or two. Candles are a very nice touch to provide a subtle indirect form of lighting. Harsh bright overhead lights are not desirable in the massage setting, because they detract from relaxation and are not very flattering either, but fire light actually adds to the feeling of warmth and romance.  Plus you can use scented candles to add a delightful aroma.

Personally I think a little background music is a very nice idea. The right selection of music can help you both you and your partner to feel more relaxed, it can add a lot to the mood and ambiance. It may also help you to slow down and pace yourself well to glide through the massage. So, indulge your sense of hearing in a subtle way with some well chosen music. Select something that is relaxing, and enhances the romantic mood. Ideally you want the music to be something that is a nice soothing back ground for the massage, so nothing too loud, too fast or over-bearing.

DO provide a comfortable place for your partner to receive the massage.  Will you be using a massage table, spreading a soft blanket on the floor, or perhaps using a bed? If you have a massage table available, I would recommend using it. For one thing, using a real massage table communicates that you intend to treat your partner to a real luxurious massage, not simply 5 minutes of a half hearted rub down. Also, most massage tables are adjustable, so you can set it