13 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guys Actually Love (As Written By A Guy)

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On Valentine's Day, men will more than likely give the woman in their lives some sort of special gift. Flowers, chocolates, diamonds or pearls and probably wine and dine her at a fancy and intimate restaurant.

And what do men get?

According to David Cruz of Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmakerpeople tend to “under-think getting gifts for men, but the reality is that men also like getting gifts too! Getting a gift for your guy on Valentine's Day shows that you pay attention to the little things that they love. So get creative and see how much he will appreciate it!"

It’s expected that men buy gifts for their women — secretly hoping you’ll do the same in return. 

That being said, here is a list of top Valentine's Day gifts for men:

1. You can't go wrong with a gift kit.

Man Crates

Man Crates provides an easy gifting solution for men in the form of wooden crates, ammo cans, project kits, and jerky grams filled with all things men love. Offering more than 70 different crates full of "manly items," they have something for every guy in your life. The company offers Bacon Crates, NFL Crates, Grilling Crates, Whiskey Crates, Video Game Crates, Shaving Crates, Fishing Crates, Hot Sauce Crates — all ranging from $25- $180.

As a fun (and super-manly) perk, each crate is sealed tight and comes with a laser-engraved crowbar for him to use to pry open his gift, making his experience all the more exciting, and memorable.

2. If he's a seasoned drinker (or WANTS to be), make him his very own bar.


SaloonBox delivers all the ingredients he needs to make his own craft cocktails. The cocktails are curated by some of the top bartenders in the nation and suit both seasoned cocktail connoisseurs and those without much craft cocktail experience.

Each box comes with two recipes (two servings each) and costs $37.50 per month. It's a fun way to discover different spirits and get your drink on without breaking the bank.

3. For the guy who likes to hit up the gym, get him the ultimate in fitness gear.


Whether he likes doing yoga or needs a good stretching mat, Manduka’s Black Mat PRO coupled with their eQua Hand Towel make for great gifts. Although it may seem expensive at $108.00, this mat is luxuriously dense for unparalleled comfort, has a non-slip fabric-like finish, and is the ONLY yoga mat on the market with a lifetime guarantee.

4. Get him the last gym bag he will EVER need.

Orange Mud

If he needs a place to store all of his workout items, Orange Mud’s Modular Gym Bag will cover all the bases. The bag features a dirty clothes compartment that is removable via velcro and a removable toiletries kit. And it's oversized so he can fit yoga mats, running shoes AND a helmet — and it peels out so he can use it as a changing mat too.

5. Get him out of the house and record your adventure with a camera that can keep up with his lifestyle.


Tanga has the iPM Y6L 1080p Full HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera, the GoPro alternative. The iPM is ultra-compact, has a super durable design and takes crisp, vibrant photos and video. The built-in rechargeable battery sustains a charge for up to one and a half hours, and the waterproof housing makes the camera viable up to 30 feet underwater.

6. If he's more of a tech-junkie, keep him connected with a charging station.


GO PUCK makes the ultimate personal power solution to charge all USB­ powered devices. If he has an active lifestyle, the GO PUCK gives him the ability to rapidly charge two devices simultaneously 75% faster than conventional charging devices.

The 3X model, $59.99, will charge phones up to 3 times, while the 5X model, $79.99, will charge phones nearly 5 times (wow!)

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7. Pep up his man-cave with a personalized charging station and electrical outlet.


LivingPlug delivers a cool, personalized energy-efficient charging station for the tech love in your life. It even includes an "UNplug" button to help reduce charges going to electronics when plugged in and not in use.

Eco-designed, the plug-in INLET turns a standard two-plug electrical outlet into a three-prong with USB port. Plug-in and power up more appliances or computers — anything — while also charging your mobile devices.

You can personalize it by purchasing the snap-on Faceplate which eliminates the ugly outlet and ups wall decor with a pop of color. You can choose from a collection of designs or make him his very own quote or personalized image (photo of you both?)

8. Solve his style dilemma by getting custom-fit clothes sent right to his door every quarter.


Give him the gift of style with the 8/omakase is a subscription box made to measure clothing brand and service for men. Subscribers receive 2 boxes per quarter ($300 per quarter) with 2-4 pieces of custom tailored to their own measurement, guaranteeing the perfect fit. Custom pieces include dress shirts, casual shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and accessories.

9. Keep him smelling AMAZING with a cologne delivery service.

Scentbird Men

Scentbird Men, which launched in August of 2015, is a designer cologne subscription service where he receives a 30-day supply of cologne from brands such as Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Tom Ford, and Ralph Lauren.

Think Netflix but for cologne. Guys can either choose their own cologne and line it up in the queue or have Scentbird Cologne Experts choose based off a short quiz they take. And for Valentine’s Day, give a gift subscription to Scentbird Men and as a bonus he can also get a discount of $15 off on a full-size cologne.

10. If he wears a lot of dress clothes, pep up his style with new sock designs that come in the mail each month.

Foot Cardigan

If he is riding the current trend of elaborate and ornate socks, start his style from the feet up. Foot Cardigan, a sock subscription service that delivers fashionable socks (designed by the Foot Cardigan men themselves) delivers a new pair of socks right to his mailbox.

11. Make him his very own customized ice cream.


If he has a sweet tooth, send the sweetest personalized give with eCreamery. Dream up your own custom flavor of ice-cream, gelato or sorbet with more than 30 flavors and 40 mix ins to choose from, design and personalize the label, and the final delicious product will be delivered to your door.

Custom flavors are available in 4 pints, 8 pints or 24 single-serving party cups. You can also choose their Valentine’s Day Sampler Pack of 4 pints from six collections with flavors like Cupid’s Comfort and Love Potion #99 for $79.99 with free shipping.

12. Grab him the newest and most innovative Bluetooth speaker for his place.


Mass Fidelity introduced Core ($599) — which recently raised $1.4 million on its Indiegogo campaign — a compact, portable audio system replicates the sound of two stereo speakers in one small unit. It's multi-room ready so he can connect up to eight devices too. No apps, wires, or wi-fi required.

13. Make his bedroom change colors with a light the changes colors and has a speaker built RIGHT in.


The NuNet LED Dimmable Color-Change Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker — yes you read that right — puts him at the control, through an app, to choose any color or brightness of light and stream his choice of music to create just the atmosphere he wants. If he needs to make a quick change to lighting or music, he can make those changes from any room in the house. Even lights out is available at the touch of a button!