Risky Rendezvous: Crazy Places To Have Sex (And Not Get Arrested)

Challenge #9: Explore your deepest desires — outside of the bedroom.

crazy places to have sex

Slipping away hand-in-hand with your S.O. to a dark, deserted alley is a risky rendezvous, but that's part of what makes it so hot, right? Where are the sexiest locales for getting it on ... and is anything off-limits? Our experts weigh in on everything you wanted to know about having sex in places beyond the bedroom.


By Tatiana Kaletsch

Whether you are newly in love or are looking to spice up your love life, taking sex out of the bedroom can be healthy for your relationship and enjoyable for both of you. Sneak off to public places where you probably wouldn't get caught: a secluded golf course, a quiet back alley or on the beach at night. Or, meet in public places where you have a high risk of getting caught: between the bookshelves in a library, in public transport, in the elevator, in a phone booth or in a nightclub. Risk can enhance the experience for both of you! Here are a few more ideas:


1. Rooms of the house (besides the bedroom). Getting out of the bedroom means you don't have to go far. Go to rooms in the house that have a different association for you such as the family den or your kid's room. Rooms in your house that are used for other functions make a great playground for the experimental couple. The laundry room, the kitchen, the dining room, the staircase and even the balcony are favorites. Surprise your partner with mood-setting candlelight, scents or music.

2. Anywhere there is water. Favorites include in the shower or bath, in or near a swimming pool, on a waterbed, in a raft or in a canoe. These are places to learn and try new positions.


3. Cars. Add to the adventure by being creative, such as the back of a limo while being driven to a location, while parked in a drive-in, or even in an impossible traffic jam. Taking your car to a quiet and safe area is an invitation to have sex on the roof or trunk.

4. Out in nature. Getting it on outdoors appeals to the animal in you! The forest, a beach, a meadow are favorites. If you are camping, a tent provides protection. If there is a waterfall on your outing, you can explore intimacy under the running water.

5. A change in the weather. Enhance your mood in the rain, during a thunderstorm, or if you are lucky enough to experience the natural beauty of a rainbow - all these require being spontaneous as well.

6. Get dirty where it's dirty. Try your garage, tool shed or where it is a bit muddy. The ability to completely let go can be a turn-on for your partner. You show the side of you that is the refreshing opposite of daily routines and discipline.


Just as you might explore your own apartment or home, you might find places that are reserved for activities of a much different kind: department stores, churches, even a graveyard. Keep reading...


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By Janie Lacy

By When I think of public displays of affection (PDAs), I consider what is and what is not appropriate. I do believe that most people who are considering getting it on in public also really need to consider what is appropriate and what isn't (for instance, potential exposure to children is not okay). Most people will agree that holding hands and giving light kisses are very acceptable and even enjoyable to see at times. These behaviors don't typically make others feel uncomfortable.


On the other hand, full-on sexual acts will put people at risk for indecent exposure — we can consider this to be very inappropriate. Most people, will also consider dramatized declarations of love in public to be unacceptable and flat-out annoying by those that may witness it. Most people can agree that declarations of love should be done in private with little to no distractions so that both parties can focus and embrace the declaration.

Public displays of affection are part of mostly every relationship, whether it is holding hands in the mall or greeting each other with a kiss.  However, every relationship is different and it is important that you do what is comfortable for you and your spouse. If you do not want to witness certain things in public, it may be very likely that the feeling is reciprocated.


By Melanie Gorman


The fantasy of sex in public is one that everyone seems to have some variation on. From being caught up in the moment and losing yourself in the passion, to trying to orgasm when someone else is watching ... having sex in public is certainly something that lots of people think about. What they don't always consider are the consequences. Know what you want is a part of creating a great sex life, but being smart about how you play those fantasies out can mean the difference between something that happens only once in your lifetime and something that you can create again and again. And you can certainly create a risky sexual interlude that's a bit safer with a few precautions:

1. Never put yourself or your lover in harm's way. Risky sex can be incredibly exciting, but if there's a chance of getting hurt or having some unforgivable consequence if you're caught, it's best to let that scenario go. Stay away from risky locations or anything that puts you or your lover in the crosshairs of some life-altering circumstances (so having sex on your boss' desk should be out).

2. Know who might walk in and caught you ... and when. If you're going to have sex at your parents' house, your office or somewhere else risky, consider who might be walking in and when you have the least chance of being caught. Of course, the allure of being caught is half of the excitement, so a little planning can keep you on the edge but not in hot water. Think about the scene in the first season of Mad Men when Peggy Olsen and Pete Campbell have sex on the couch in his office. Their timing is impeccable and it happens just before everyone arrives for work in the morning. Because of the risk of getting caught, the whole event seems to take mere seconds. This keeps the passion flowing and hardly anyone notices the tear in her dress during the rest of the day.


3. Be clear about how much of a voyeur you really are. Sex in an elevator is always risky because you don't know where those hidden cameras are. But if you're OK being seen by the nightwatchman, consider who else might be trying to get on the elevator. There's less traffic at night, midday and early morning; although, don't forget that lots of people leave for work early in the morning! Time of day, day of the week and other variables that account for public traffic in your little love nest can make a huge difference for being caught. 

4. Make it a quickie. Playing out fantasies like this should be fast. Easy access clothing makes a huge difference for how cumbersome the whole event is and you want to be prepared if you need to make a quick get-away or stop in the middle. Take a few extra minutes to plan and you're more likely to actually have the fantasy you've been dreaming about.

Everyone, it seems, has some kind of risky sex fantasy in their minds. Playing them out can be incredibly fun and creates memories that last a lifetime and enhance your regular sexual play. Just remember that being charged with public lewdness or indecent exposure (depending on your state) can stay with you for a lifetime, so play it safe when you're out having fun.