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About Life Counseling Solutions

Who We Are 

Life Counseling Solutions provides the most effective and results driven counseling and therapeutic service for individuals, couples, children and families located in Orlando, Florida.  We believe in serving real people with real problems looking for real solutions. 

We have a team of licensed professionals with doctorate and master level education along with specialization or certification in their focus areas to help those have the greatest results in their treatment. 

Our services provide healing in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms with focus in mental health, relational difficulties, addictions or behavior challenges. Don’t suffer alone so call us today at 407-622-1770. 

Five Reasons to Attend Therapy (as stated by Nedra Glover):

  • You won’t hear things like ‘it’s gonna be okay, I know how you feel, you will get over it.”
  • You get an entire hour to talk about whatever you want guilt-free.
  • Saying things out loud helps you understand them in a different way.
  • A therapist helps you develop insight and coping skills
  • There is no competition in dialogue. A therapist won’t talk about their problems and make those problems bigger than yours. 

Other Life Counseling Solutions Services

Anger Management Workshops : Facilitate an interactive monthly 8-hour seminar in the Orlando community, fulfilling state mandated requirements and covering topics such as:

  • Rage-Understanding the Monster Within
  • Why We All Struggle with Anger
  • Turning Harmful Anger to Helpful Anger
  • How To Resolve Conflict Constructively
  • Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts

Safe Haven Counseling Support Group: The purpose of the group is to walk partners through their own recovery process so that they are well equipped to handle life after walking through the aftermath of sex addiction.

Women Redeemed Counseling Support Group: The purpose of the group is to help women heal their love addiction wounds. Other benefits of the group include:

  • Break through denial patterns
  • Identify co-existing dependencies and relapse triggers
  • Develop great self-awareness and connection to physical needs with experimental techniques
  • Create strategies to change painful and destructive behavior patterns
  • Learn choices for positive change
  • Learn how to turn a toxic relationship around to a more healthy relationship

Life Counseling Solutions Experts:

  • Allison Petro, LMHC: Child & Holistic Depression Specialist: Allison uses creative arts therapies (art, music, play therapy, etc.), TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with children or adolescents and EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy) to help her clients explore their feelings, behaviors and inner dialogue
  • Amanda Wiegert, LMHC: Substance Abuse & Eating Disorder Specialist: Amanda believes therapy should be a collaborative approach between the client and the therapist to facilitate dialogue that leads to growth and positive change. Her goal is to help clients calm the chaos and learn how to handle challenges without resorting to unhealthy ways of coping such as substance abuse, unhealthy eating, risky behaviors, or negative self-talk. 
  • Brian Kurz, LCSW: Veteran & Substance Abuse Specialist: Brian has been counseling for the last 17 years working with various types of people from veterans to those struggling with substance abuse. He strongly believes that people can get  better and achieve their full potential if provided with the right therapy and guidance.
  • Colleen Andre, LMHC: Teen & Trauma Counseling Specialist: Colleen's therapy approach includes giving practical steps, coping skills, and strategies to help clients manage overwhelming emotions beyond the counseling room. Her specialty is working with women and adolescents struggling with anxiety, trauma or past pain, and life transitions (such as pregnancy and motherhood.) She also enjoys assisting those facing multicultural or race-related issues. 
  • Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC, CSAT: Women Sex/ Love Addiction & Relationship Trauma Specialist: Janie is a nationally known psychotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. She is also a respected television commentator and founder of Life Counseling Solutions in Maitland, Florida. For almost 12 years she has been enriching lives through her psychotherapy work and brings credibility and expert knowledge to audiences via on-air appearances.
  • Jenna Brody-McLeod,CAP: Substance Addictions Specialist: Jenna has been counseling for the last 8 years with a focus on providing a compassionate, loving and caring approach to helping clients see their true potential. Through her own recovery she has seen how much trauma can affect a person’s life, and desires to help her clients head down a different path.
  • Lauren Tolley, LMHC: Children & Couples Counseling Specialist: Lauren is dedicated to working with children facing challenges of self-expression, who seek to be understood, or are going through a difficult time. She has experience with play therapy and utilizes this approach often with children. This type of counseling allows play to be the way for children to express their feelings and work through problems in their own special way.
  • Michael Martinez RMHI: Anger Management Specialist: Mike enjoys building a relationship with clients by using humor, spontaneity and creating a warm and welcoming environment. He believes that individuals are inherently good therefore, he approaches counseling by helping people realize the strengths they already have within themselves in order to bring about change. He provides counseling services to people of many different backgrounds but has a specialty in anger management counseling and a particular interest in helping first-time parents transition into their new roles. 
  • Scott Thigpen LMHC Teen & Christian Counseling Specialist: Scott’s passion is to be used by God to guide others in the right direction knowing that His will leads to a life of fulfillment. In addition to his desire to help faith-based clients, Scott also has extensive experience with 10+ years working with troubled youth to overcome challenges of drugs, cutting, depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and behavioral challenges at home and at school. 


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