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Marriage Educator, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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At Life Counseling Solutions we believe everyone has a story. These stories give meaning and purpose to the chaos of everyday life. We also believe that people can get stuck in their life with unhealthy coping mechanisms, unhealed past traumas or wounds deep inside themselves. We invite people to take a journey with us to discover their own life story by helping them make connections with their behavior and needs, recognize the patterns, as well as why they have developed those patterns. Our passion is to walk alongside individuals as they face past wounds to create healing in their lives.

About Life Counseling Solutions

Are you worried about your relationship?  Did you have an affair?  Did you catch your spouse viewing pornography?  I want you to know that you are not alone. I have a passion to reach out and help you grow and mature through difficult life situations.  I have a relational approach and a unique ability to connect with individuals.  Drawing upon my broad range of experience in private practice, not-for-profit organizations, hospitality and the medical industry, I have helped countless people in many arenas of life.  I offer keen insight on all aspects of relationships including marriage, parenting, & dating.

I bring a unique approach with my experience as a communicator and a counselor.  I have been sought out for my treatment approach to anger management, sexual addictions, and relationship counseling to name a few.

Hi! My name is Janie Lacy and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist who specializes in relationship difficulties, sex addiction, and anger management.  My greatest passion is helping others heal from those deep hurts that have caused shame, fear, doubts and behaviors that have been damaging and destructive in their life.  I take a very relational approach and I do this through therapeutic treatments addressing the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

To share a little bit about my preparation and education, I have received extensive training through my graduate work at Palm Beach Atlantic University where I obtained my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  Currently, I am working on my doctorate degree with California Southern University.  Also, to create a well-rounded education that allows me to relate with many of my clients, I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, specializing in management.  In that Sex Addiction is one of the areas I specialize in, I have further received specialized training in sexual addiction treatment through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals and the International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists (IACSAS).

My view of counseling is that it is all about the individual.  The plan has to be one that they will own, that is specific to them and that lets them know they are understood based on what they have walked through in life.  No matter if it is low self-esteem, anger management, sexual addiction, codependency, anxiety, or depression, my desire is to partner with each of my clients, whether it is an individual (children, teens or adults), couples, or family to be their advocate, to hear their story and to build a foundation of healing that gives their journey hope going forward.  As a relationship expert, I also have a specialized approach with couples that range from pre-marital, to marital, to those on the verge of divorce that will teach them how to truly hear each other, communicate in a way that both are valued and affirmed and give practical, yet effective, tools to use in everyday life.

One of my passions is public speaking which has opened the door to be a guest speaker for numerous organizations with topics included Hooking Up Mentality, Taming the Inner Hulk, Protecting Your Asset: Invest In Your Marriage, and How To Stay Connected At The Speed of Life to name a few.

I also enjoy leading anger management workshops and relationship intensives that shed new light on why we respond the way we do and helping you develop unique approaches in handling these vital areas going forward.

My experience opens the door to not only work in the counseling realm, but to offer coaching to businesses, effect change in teams that break down walls and build purpose, and to grow leaders that will impact their companies and their families.

My relationship advice has been sought out by the media with numerous appearances on WOFL Fox 35, National Syndicated Daily Buzz Show, WESH Channel 2 NBC Affiliate, WKMG Local 6, Ivanhoe Broadcast News, and Central Florida News 13, I am truly in my element when I am connecting one-one-one with individuals that are looking for a new path in life and to help them believe that healing and hope can come.  Let's connect  through my COMPLIMENTARY Relationship and Marriage Advice newsletters!

Life Counseling Solutions Success Stories

Relationship Seminar

Single women

Thank you for a great presentation and a tough act to follow! The information you presented was interesting, informative, and entertaining. I wanted to let you know I was very impressed by the way you handled the “challenging” question from a student. You remained respectful and professional and that was impressive.
— Conference Attendee

Considered Divorce When Started Counseling


Janie, thank you for counseling our family…you have been a blessing.
— Carol

Relationship Difficulties

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

I wanted to thank you so much for your time yesterday. It truly made a difference, even in one hour session. It was good to hear some objective, unbiased observations. I am excited to continue this counseling relationship.
— Bailey

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