The REAL Reason He Wants To "Take A Break" From You

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If he wants to talk. Do you want to listen?

It's not him that needs a break; it's you.

When a guy gears up and starts giving you his "I want to take a break" speech, it's time to reconsider. It's not him who needs a break, it's you.

You spent a lot of time with this guy and now he's giving you the speech? Is that what you really want?

Speeches are for guys who are about to lie. They lie to themselves, and then lie to you. They always start with something dramatic. They throw out reasons like "I just don't know where I'm going with my life" or "I've got a lot of pressure."

Sounds good if you were a therapist.

Before you sign up for an extended leave of absence, consider this: Guys that don't know what they want rarely figure it out over time.


What gets him to figure it out? Simple. It's the pain of losing you. And I suggest you start that process right away.

Say this: "You have every right to want to take a break and not see me. However, I don't feel comfortable. What do you think about ending the relationship right now?"

He'll stumble out something like "Ok, if that's what you want." And there you have your answer. If a man is not willing to fight for you, he doesn't need a break. He's broken.

Broken people never know what they want. They portray themselves as confused victims. If you stick around for this, you're only hurting yourself.


When a guy says he wants a break, thank him for the experience. Let him know how much you've enjoyed your time together and you understand.

Remember that when a guy says he needs a break, that means he's broken. It has nothing to do with you and it's not your job to fix him. You can love him, just not more than yourself.

Thank him for the lesson. Thank God he didn't waste any more of your time and move on, a better relationship awaits you. We always trade up.

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