How To Know When A Relationship Is REALLY Over

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How To Know When A Relationship Is REALLY Over

You'll know when you feel these two feelings.

When you still have feelings for a guy, it's hard to tell when a relationship is really over.

It's normal to have mixed feelings and for there to be a back-and-forth period.

However, how to know when a relationship is finally over is when you feel the following emotions:

1. You're not mad.

Unfortunately, when you're mad, it means you're not done with the relationship. Anger means you still care and you still have hope that by fighting, you can solve the problem.

This may or may not be true, but fighting does not signal the end of a relationship. In fact, it's a sign you're not done yet.

2. You're not even sad.

Feeling sad or hurt are strong emotions but, much like anger, they still show you that you care. You have hope that you can repair the relationship.

These feelings are valuable and it's important to stay until the end of a relationship because if you don't stay to the end of the relationship and get the lesson, you'll repeat the mistake with someone else.

If you're still mad or sad, do everything you can to work things out or until you reach these next to feelings; they indicate the relationship is indeed over.

3. You feel apathetic.

Feeling apathy and empathy signal that a relationship is over. Apathy means that you're no longer mad or sad. You care about the person but you know longer have those charged feelings.

Empathy means you still care about the person, but you know longer feel drawn to try to work it out with them because you've learned your lesson.

How do you know when you've learned the lesson? It's when you no longer want to repeat the lesson. You're grateful for having had the person in your life, but you're ready to move on because you've changed.

If you're still mad or sad, stay until you get the lesson, or you work things out. Apathy and empathy are the feelings you have when a relationship is over. They are the signs you've grown from the relationship and you're ready to move on.

The good news is, once you learn the lesson, you always trade up.

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