3 REAL Signs You're In Love With The Wrong Guy

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He's got "wrong guy" written all over him.

You met him and you know he's wrong. You haven't felt this bad in years. Yet, for some strange reason, you're still attracted to him and you keep dating him. These are all symptoms that you're with the wrong guy.

Before you go and hire a therapist, let's look into three reasons why you're dating the wrong guy and what to do about it:

1. You haven't gotten the lesson you needed to learn yet.


We always date the right wrong person until we get the lesson. It's not that you're dating the wrong guy; it's that you haven't learned the lesson yet.

The funny thing about dating the wrong people is that they're always trying to teach us the same thing: Love yourself. These lessons in self-love are painful but when you get it, it's worth it.

There are no accidents.

2. You needed the lesson. 


As much as I joke about going to a therapist, therapy is always in session. It's called re-creating your childhood. Our childhood wounds definitely come to the surface when we date.

The wrong guy is often strikingly like your dad. What a coincidence. The good news is he's bringing you the lesson and you have a chance to choose differently. You know you've learned a lesson when you no longer want to repeat the lesson.

3. Deep down, you're aware you're with the wrong guy.


Yes, there is a silver lining. When we let go of a bad relationship, we make room for a good one. The good news is that you're aware you're dating the wrong guy. Awareness wakes us up and allows us to make new choices.

Your next relationship will start on a higher ground. When you're dating the wrong guy, it's hard to see how things could get better. But when you take personal responsibility and you remember that there are no accidents, change is on the way.

There's nothing wrong with the wrong guy. He's just not the right guy for you. Thank him for the lesson and move on. Some of the best relationship decisions you'll ever make are the ones you let go of.

If you're still struggling to figure out if you're dating the wrong guy or not, ask yourself one simple question: When I'm with this guy do I feel good or do I not feel good?

If the answer is that you don't feel good, you have your answer.

The hard part is walking away even when it hurts. Sometimes, that's what self-love is all about. Theories are nice, but our actions are how we heal from dating the wrong guy.

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