The 3 (Brutally Honest) Reasons You're Chronically Single

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The TRUE Answer To The Question: Why Am I Still Single?

It's better you hear it now.

You're dating but you're not meeting anyone you like. You're busy with life and you have a full calendar of things to do. You're meeting guys, but the dates aren't going anywhere. This has been going on for years.

While it may seem like you're doing everything you can to meet a guy, including calling your girlfriends about men, you're still asking yourself, "Why am I still single?"

Let's talk about them:

1. You don't answer calls. 


When a guy calls you, you don't answer him for three days. When I ask women why they do that, they tell me that they don't want to seem too available. That's funny because a guy is looking for a woman who's available.

And when you finally do call him back after three days, he doesn't answer. And then guess what happens, he doesn't call you for three days. Then we get into a game of who's cooler than who.

To avoid being chronically single, answer his calls.

2. You're chronically unavailable.


When a guy finally gets hold of you and asks you for a date, you're unavailable for two weeks. You then let him know that you can see him in three weeks.

While guys appreciate that you're busy and have a full life of friends and business, he's still looking for a woman who's available.

Being busy doesn't make you cool; it just makes you unavailable. Real men don't waste their time on women who aren't available for three weeks.

3. You always need to be in charge.


He asks you to go to the park and take a walk. You decide the park is too far away and you don't like the outdoors. You'd rather go to the coffee shop by your house.

Great, you know what you want. The problem is real men are not accustomed to following you around, doing it your way.

While your request seems perfectly reasonable to you, it signals to a man that you're not interested in being on a team where you're not the captain.

I get arguments about this all the time but in the end, it really comes down to this: Are you willing to do things for the sake of the team that you wouldn't ordinarily do?

When you answer his calls, he can make a plan with you. When a man meets you, to him it's all about momentum. When he asks you to do something and you're available, he has momentum.

These tell him that you're available. Available means this week, not in three weeks.

Lastly, do it his way because you want to find out how he handles reality. You want to know if the way he lives life is something you would enjoy. Doing it your way may seem comfortable to you.

However, let's look at the results. Is not answering his calls, being unavailable, and being in charge, keeping you chronically single?

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