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Hi! I’m Inez Bracy. You may have seen me on The Balancing Act giving expert tips on Starting Your Own Home Based Business or on Fox 4, Morning Blend, as their resident Career Coach sharing tips on having the career and lifestyle you desire. Many of you have read my book, Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like a Woman Again! Thank you!

I’ve been through many transitions and am delighted to tell you that I’ve discovered the secret that allows and empowers me to joyfully embrace changes as they present in my life. I’ve helped hundreds of women who find themselves at new crossroads unlock the secret. These women create a juicy, amazing fulfilling life for themselves. They don’t just cope or survive but thrive because they know the secret!

Women at new crossroads suffer frustration and don’t know how to cope with it very well. They don’t know what they want, how to feel nor where to go. They are stuck because they’re using past thoughts to guide them in a new situation. 

I’ve navigated many new crossroads, from divorce to changing job at 50 to starting my own business! I know just how it feels to awaken confused and unsure. I know how it feels to use ‘old’ thoughts to solve new problems. This doesn’t work!  It's like stuffing a square peg in a round hole.

Hundreds of women started to rejuvenate their lives after reading my book. But then they wrote to me asking, “I get what you’re saying but how can I get more.” “What else can I do to continue growing?” “How do I stop going back to ‘old’ patterns of behavior?” So, I’ve created the email 21 Day Coaching Program to answer many of your questions.

This simple 21 Day Program is here to help you just when you need it most. Start living your amazing life now.

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