What Women Over 50 Should Never, Ever Wear

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Fashion Tips For Women Over 50: How To Find Your Style & Feel More Attractive Unsplash: Kevin Grieve

Is it really anybody’s business to tell women over 50 what to wear, which fashion tips they should or should not follow, or which cute outfit ideas 'middle-aged' women should steer clear of?

There is only one thing women over 50 (or 60 or 70 or 80) should never, ever wear — and that is anything they do not want to put on their body.

After all, we live in a world that is ever-changing and becoming more globally aware. Now is the time to release false illusions and culturally imposed beliefs about what makes women attractive that are still holding you hostage.


It's time for you to stop wearing what anyone else says is right "for you age" and put on clothing that make you look in the mirror and proclaim, "I am beautiful!."

Each year or so, you can choose to change your style to fit more closely with who you are — and who you are becoming — if you choose to do so.

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With this mindset, feel empowered to choose colors, fabrics, cuts, and styles that flatter your shape, feel good to the touch, and look great on you.

Forego the fashion trends, because your clothes don’t define you. Decide what to wear based on how you feel, how you look, where you’re going, and what you'll be doing when you get there.

Go into a store, and find something that speaks to your heart and expresses who you are. Then try it on, ;even it's something you wouldn’t have normally chosen.

If it feels good, notice how it lifts your spirits, how your energy soars, how you want to laugh out loud, and how it brings a gorgeous smile to your face. Dance around in it, strut in it, throw your arms open wide and enjoy the moment.


As you buy it, remind yourself that yes, you are beautiful.

When you start deciding what to wear based on what makes you feel good, you'll feel less judgmental and more respectful of yourself and of others.

You'll begin feeling liberated, sensuous, and free.

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Because you live in a world of choice, you choose how you want to dress and what cute outfits you want to wear! So what if you're a woman over 50?

Here are 7 quick fashion tips on how to find outfits that suit your personal sense of style as it continues to evolve over the years.

  • Bold colors: Statement-making hues add life to your outfit.
  • Muted colors: An outfit of all muted colors can be elegant and graceful.
  • Loose clothing: Embrace easy-breezy vibes with flowing fabrics and carefree cuts.
  • Fitted clothing: Add crispness to your look with a tailored style.
  • Clothing with a drape or jacket: Be prepared for any occasion by layering your look.
  • Natural hair: Let your hair air dry, skip the dyes, or try a messy bun — just don't feel like your hair has to be "done" 24/7.
  • Heels and/or flats: Nothing spices up your outfit like the right pair of shoes, so play with colors, styles and heights.

Feel free to wear them all, and try any other looks that speak to you, too!

You get to choose how you want your physical appearance and clothing to look.


How attractive you are perceived to be by the men and women around you depends far more on having an ageless attitude than on the specific clothing choices you make.

So use your time, energy, and thoughts to lift yourself and others.

And be sure not to engage in self-sabotaging body shaming. Love every part of yourself. You are beautiful!

Start paying attention to how often you think or say something negative about your body, as well as when you tend to be the most critical of yourself.

Next, stop doing that, right this minute!

Immediately begin rephrasing and reframing the negative statements about yourself by using words of love that support you in being your highest and best self.


You only live once, so give yourself permission to make each day count.

Others will have their opinions, judgments, and points of view about what you should and shouldn't wear as a middle-aged woman.

Remember that they are not you and they have absolutely no control over you ... unless you give it to them.


You get the idea.

Wear whatever you like, women over 50, so you can look — and feel — as beautiful as you truly are!

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Inez Bracy is an Audacious Living & Confidence Coach who has helped hundreds of women embrace the changes that come with middle age by shifting their thoughts, actions, and beliefs into the positive.