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3 Ways To Attract Your Mate Through Self Love


Have you decided to snag that mate, to connect with your soul mate and to be in a relationship no matter what this year? You have a list somewhere of the qualities you desire in your mate. Did you notice that many of these qualities are based on old beliefs? You promised to be more available, more loving, more kind and ad infinitum! You’ve made these promises without loving yourself and discovering who you really are. 10 Tips For Finding Love In the New Year

Loving YOU first is the beginning of attracting that mate and is easier than you think. This process requires acknowledging and taking the time to really discover yourself. Where do you fall short on loving you? What do you constantly find fault with in you? Do you lament and wish for something different, almost always having a feeling of unease or a feeling of being incomplete?

This is a sure sign that you do not love YOU first!

Exercising control of your mind is the first step in Loving YOU first. Letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you stimulates the energy to put yourself first. Let go of beliefs that cause you to believe that taking time to love YOU first is being selfish and a waste of time. By taking this first step, you open your energy channels to give and receive. 

Meditation and reflection are excellent ways of exercising control of your mind. Spending time in reflection can be as easy as watching a slow moving meandering stream or watching the waves crashing in the ocean. Some people like mountain climbing others prefer a slow leisurely walk. Of course, sitting quietly in your favorite lounge chair also works.

Loving YOU first awaits you now. Below are three strategies to help you on your journey to loving YOU and attracting your mate.

1. Live on purpose. Using silence and planned mediation, allow your life’s purpose to wonderfully unfold before you. Discover the activities that make your heart sing. Engage joyfully in these activities.

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