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Best Chick Flicks Of All Time — That Men Secretly Enjoy Too

Okay, I think we all agree on the merits of "chick flicks." We can all agree that there are no merits! (C'mon, you know I'm right.)

There are, of course, women who hate the term "chick flick", but let's face it, "chick flick" is a lot more catchy than "formulaic, light romantic comedy starring a young actress targeting women 25049." Ok, they're not all light romantic comedies. The Notebook anyone? More often than not when a guy watches one of these "Julia Roberts specials", it's because he's just trying to come off as sensitive and he's hoping that maybe, just maybe, it'll help him get lucky enough to hook-up.

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However, for every 10 nausea-inducing "Sex and The City" movies, there's at least one "Knocked Up." Here are 10 of the greatest chick flicks of all time that even the guys dig. Feel free to add your own additions to this list.

1. Titanic

It was the biggest movie of all time for a reason, people! Sure, it's got the sappy love story and Leo DiCaprio. And cheesy lines…"I'm the king of the world!" C'mon. Really?

But it's got a young, good looking Kate Winslet showing a little boobage in a PG-13 movie! Man, do you know how many prepubescent males wear out the rewind button on the DVD player for that scene alone!?? And of course, seeing that huge boat cracking and go belly up on the big screen is nothing short of awesome! Women get to cry and guys get the thrill of cinematic carnage.

2. The Break-Up

Bottom line here, women love Jennifer Aniston and guys love Vince Vaughn. He's freaking hilarious and she's extremely cute. 

The Break-Up isn't the typical romantic comedy. Yes it's boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, but in the end, you know what's cool? (spoiler alert!) boy-STILL-loses girl. That's real stuff. Not the ol', "I -was- crazy- for- leaving -you -and- now- I'm- gonna -chase -your -cab -to- the- airport- before- you- get- on -the- plane -to- leave- forever- and -tell -you- how- I- can't- live- without -you- and -we -get- back- together -and -live- happily -ever -after" ending. And I dare ANY couple to say they haven't had the "dishes" fight.

Aniston: I want you to WANT to do the dishes!
Vaughn : Why would I WANT to do the dishes?

Classic - and real.

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3. Jerry Maguire

This movie is rescued from most of its super-sappiness by Cuba Gooding Jr.'s over-the-top, Oscar winning performance. "Show me the moneeeeyy!!!!!!" And it's about football, isn't it? I think Tom Cruise was in it, too. Anyway, great flick.

4. Knocked Up

This is the new breed of romantic comedy and it's being perfected by guys like Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow. Again what makes this movie work for guys is that it's atypical of the romantic comedy.

A slacker dude hooks in for a one night stand with a hot news reporter and she gets pregnant? On top of that, he and his buddies are building a "Vagtastic" website? Hilarious.

5. 40 Year Old Virgin

The humor sucks every guy into this movie - the sweet innocence of Steve Carrell's character, Andy Stitzer, and the fact that many women can relate to Mary Steenburgen's character, Trish. Trish is a single mom in the dating world, going through the angst of trying to find a decent guy -and of course she and Andy fall in love. Awwwwwwww….so sweet.

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6. Thelma & Louise

The female Butch and Sundance - girls with guns on the run from the law! Awesome.

7. As Good As It Gets

See the pattern here? Another romantic comedy with very little "romantic" and plenty of comedy for the guys, and just enough sappiness for the ladies - "You make me want to be a better man." Plus, dudes love Jack Nicholson.

8. Notting Hill

Any story where the dorky English guy (Hugh Grant) pulls a hot film superstar (Julia Roberts) is every guy's dream. Plus Hugh Grant's weirdo buddy, Spike, played by Rhys Ifans, is hilarious - he's worth the price of admission by himself.

9. Hitch

This one is the typical chick flick with a couple of notable exceptions. The diversity of the lead characters, Will Smith & Eva Mendes, makes this a standout. Plus, who doesn't love Will Smith? Will's built up quite a bit of good will (no pun intended) with some of the best action flicks of all time, so we give him a pass when he goes softy romantic lead on us. And let's face it - the dude is funny in this film. There's some great slapstick comedy in this one with Will and Kevin James in a supporting role. Plus we get to see Eva Mendes for two hours - and the ladies get to see Will Smith be all sweet and charming.

10. There's Something About Mary

Perhaps the greatest romantic comedy of all time. And make no mistake, this Farrelly Brothers comedic masterpiece is a romantic comedy at its core. Strip away the slapstick, the cringe-inducing "hair gel" scene, the political incorrectness and focus strictly on the story and what do you have? A guy (Ben Stiller) who's been in love with one woman (Cameron Diaz) since he was in high school, who goes all out to find her and profess his undying love for her - and of course he gets the girl in the end. Love story for the ladies and "We got a bleeder!" jokes for the guys.


Ok. Now, it's your turn to tell me about some of your favorites!

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