4 Brainiacs Every Woman Should Date

a braniac

Smart guys sometimes seem to get a bad rap. Their level of intelligence may make them appear to be pompous or they can even come across as standoffish. Or, because they have a linear train of thought, they may not have much to contribute to a conversation that is not of interest to them. These brainiacs are often misunderstood and just like other singles, they are looking for someone to date

Before you dismiss these types as incompatible or not your type, add these types to the list of guys to date while searching for The One:

1. The Wine Snob Foodie. This guy is going to take you to the best restaurants, wine tastings and may even book you tickets on The Top Chef cruise. He knows the perfect Bordeaux to order with dinner, the best Zagat-rated restaurants and the names of all the James Beard winners for the year.

He will provide you the greatest culinary experiences and show you a world that often is limited to a chosen few. He can educate you on differences between farm to table or local, organic versus natural and how sparkling wines simply do not compare to champagne. He may be overly opinionated or slightly pretentious but you will never go hungry with him around. 

2. The Bookworm. The first date might be for coffee at Barnes and Noble. The second may be a live reading from the latest author on the New York Times Bestselling List. He is protective over his Kindle and prides himself on his extensive in home library. Not limited to one subject, his range of interest varies from classical fiction to literary trilogies.

He speaks about characters in novels as if they are family members. He's never short on conversation because the latest book he's reading serves as his topic of the moment. You may not always know what he's talking about but Spark Notes and Google will get you through. You can always suggest watching the movie version to compliment his literary fascination. 

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3. The Computer Nerd. You two speak different languages. Literally. Your definition of code, programming and network are entirely different than his. You use the Internet. He's the reason why there's an Internet. The way he thinks is somewhat different than the rest of us because he tends to be more analytical and statistical versus emotional and empirical. His mind works like a machine and it's up to you to find the buttons to turn him on. If that doesn't work, you can always ask him to reconfigure your home network  which might turn him on, too. 

4. The Professional. He's the doctor, the lawyer, the architect. He has spent more years in school than he's been out of school. He is knowledgeable about everything in his chosen profession but he has been under an educational rock for so long, he may have skipped the last three seasons of Survivor and he thinks the Black Eyed Peas are still together.

He's the one your mom is hoping you will marry. He's poised to be established in his career until retirement. There's a definite opportunity here to learn everything there is to know about his field of study and if you are in need of services, he may even offer them to you for free or with a very generous discount.   

Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert,