5 Unique First Date Ideas To Try Tonight

Coffee dates? Been there. Cocktails? Done that. Try something new for a great first date.

5 First Date Ideas You Should Try Tonight

Planning a first date can be exciting, but it can also become routine and tired. If you've been on a string of first dates, you may find yourself constantly planning the same night out. Going to dinner, meeting for coffee or cocktails at happy hour seem to be the norm. 

Don't save the fun and interesting dates for later in the relationship. Why wait? Shake up your routine and try something new. If you're bored of going out for dinner and the barista at Starbucks knows your name, it's time to think outside the dating box. Here are five great ideas for your first date


1. Find your inner top chef. Rather than go to dinner, learn how to make dinner or dessert. Go to a local culinary school or cooking center and take a class together. It's a great way to create something together. Besides, they say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. 

2. Explore vineyards of the world. Take a wine tasting class together. Find a local winery, wine bar or restaurant to learn more about wine and food pairing. Buy a bottle that you both enjoy and make plans to drink it on your second date. Be sure to sip and not gulp. Try not to get drunk — unless you're drunk on love!


3. Play Picasso for the night. Painting parties are popping up throughout the country. Many places let you bring in your own wine and beer; others provide appetizers and cocktails. It doesn't matter whether you create a masterpiece or make a big mess. It's about sharing the experience together.

4. Go dancing. Tempted to learn the Tango? Want to take a swing at swing dancing? Do it! Sign up for a local class and get your feet moving. Spend the night hand in hand, falling into his arms. Let him lead. The spring in your step might just kickstart your heart.

5. Be a good sport. Stand-up paddle board? Spartan Race workout? Crossfit? If you're both athletically inclined, try a new sport that will challenge you both and give you something to talk about. Afterward, stop by a juice bar and share your war stories or lick your wounds together.

Treat each new potential love interest differently. Adding personality and creativity to your dates is a great way to express yourself and to step outside of your comfort zone and into the place where change — and love — can happen.  


Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert, findyourplusone