Are Rebounds Good Or Bad?


The nature of this relationship is fun after all you have just been through. But is it a good idea?

It feels good to get romantic attention after you experience a break-up. Rebound flings can be fantastic, thrilling and exceptional. You feel butterflies once more. Everything is new and exciting. The nature of this relationship is refreshing after all you have just been through in your prior relationship. No more in-depth conversations about nothing that spiral into arguments. No more lonely nights spent together. No more ignoring major things while over focusing on the minor ones.

You are in La La Land and you are enjoying the ride. When you were in love, then lost, and are instantly in love again…when you fall head over heels in love with someone quickly after a break-up…that is a rebound. Rebounds can be fun, but they rarely last.

Rebounds sometimes happen when you are addicted to a fantasy of what a relationship should be like. I strongly suggest taking some time to be balanced before getting back into the mix of dating. You don’t want to find yourself making the same mistakes or attracting the same person.

If you were to break your leg running, would you go out and run the next day? Or, would you give your leg some time to heal and question yourself as to what happened on your run and why it broke? By sitting with the pain in your leg, resting, and allowing it to heal, you can learn what you did wrong and try not to repeat the same thing the next time. Why not do this with yourself after your break-up?

However, as with everything in life, there can be exceptions to the rule. There is no one correct time frame for moving on from one relationship to the next. How quickly you move on is up to you and you alone. Be your own barometer. If you decide to be in a rebound relationship enjoy yourself but be careful.

Love, Eris

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