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14 'Love Phrases' Husbands Need To Know (That Might Even Save Your Marriage)

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No matter what approach you try, do you still say the wrong comments to your wife? Or perhaps you have learned that you can't communicate without causing a fight, so you've decided to keep quiet — only angering her further.

You're trying to improve your communication and save your marriage, but every little thing you say (or don't say) seems to be taken the wrong way.

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Oftentimes as men, we speak too little in our intimate relationships, which chips away the effectiveness of our communication. Consequently, our wives will negatively interpret our words, or lack thereof, thereby influencing how they feel in the marriage. So what we eventually consider to be “nagging,” “annoying,” or “starting an argument,” is really a reflection of how much and well we communicate.

If you're struggling with these types of communication issues and roadblocks, there are ways to work through them that will help save your marriage.

Learning what I call "love phrases" is one way to help. These responses will help you communicate better by tailoring your words to meet your wife's needs. 

Here are 14 love phrases that will help you save your marriage by communicating clearly and consistently:

1. "I love you."

Not much of a shocker, right? Your spouse shouldn’t just know you love her because you two are married. This is a phrase you should use often and sincerely. Consistently and genuinely saying “I love you” is a constant reminder that you are committed to the relationship.

2. "I support you."

Nothing acknowledges you as her biggest cheerleader (yep, males can be cheerleaders), advocate, and her “rock” as these three words. You effectively speak life into her dreams and goals with these words. And a supported wife means a supportive wife.

3. "How can I help?"

In addition to offering support, genuinely asking how you can assist is like saying, “No matter what you need, I will make sacrifices to be there for you.” She will feel your commitment to her and the relationship.

4. "I'm thinking of you."

This is a great text message that lets her know that although you’re busy working or spending time with the fellas, you’re never too busy to not think about her.

5. "I miss you."

Like number four, this text message while at work or away from her is a reminder that although you aren’t together, you really do think about her and wish you were with her.

6. "I need you."

This calls for you to put your ego and pride aside and declare that you have some vulnerabilities. Just like she needs your support for her goals, you need hers as well. Welcome her into your dreams and goals and share ways she can be supportive. And you both will experience a more intimate emotional bond.

7. "Your feelings are important to me."

Her feelings should always matter. And she will know they matter after you acknowledge they matter and listen to them. A wife that can communicate her feelings without judgment feels emotionally bonded even when the feelings are negative at the moment.

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8. "I'm sorry/I apologize for…"

Apologizing is an effective way of acknowledging that you hurt her in some way. But be very specific in your apology outlining what you know you did. The best way to be forgiven for your wrongs and improve the relationship is through a sincere apology first.

9. "I value your opinion."

One of the best ways to let your wife know you value her role on the “team” is to let her know her opinion matters. Then seek her opinion. Although you may be the leader of the household, all great leaders seek counsel. Value her opinion and take pleasure in knowing you both make the relationship great.

10. "Teach me how to love you the way you need to be loved."

This says “I want to be your student of love so that I can love you the way you deserve.” You make loving her adequately and wholeheartedly a top priority which she will look forward to and enjoy. Consequently, you will enjoy her more as well.

11. "You make me want to be a better man."

Trust me when I say you are your best version of yourself in a relationship. Her commitment to supporting you, respecting you, appreciating you and loving you is life-giving. Maybe you want to get in shape so you can live longer and enjoy her more, or maybe you want to strive for that promotion to increase your earnings and vacation more with her.

Either way, acknowledge how her commitment to you influences your desire to be better.

12. "You're a wonderful mother."

To acknowledge her parenting skills is akin to acknowledging her womanhood. Your wife takes pride in her role as a mother. Giving her this compliment says you love her not only as a wife but a mother as well.

13. "You've enhanced my life."

This statement brings acknowledgment to the value she brings to you and the marriage. Be specific in ways that she has enhanced your life which is emotionally rewarding for her and the marriage.

14. "Your struggles are our struggles."

When you welcome her struggles no matter the size, it implies she is never alone. You married her to share both good and difficult times. Voice your commitment to support and assist her, and take note of how welcoming her struggles improves the stress in the marriage.

There are many ways to say “I love you” to your wife. And sure, actions do speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to hear the words as well. Thinking positively leads to feeling positive. And feeling positive leads to speaking positively.

The mood of your marriage is part of your responsibilities as a husband. Practice speaking positively so that you can speak life and love into your marriage. Not only does your wife benefit from this, so do you and the children.

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Dr. Eric Williams is a couples' and relationship counselor that has a passion for helping determined individuals and couples overcoming the emotional hurdles standing in the way of their marital bliss. Contact him today and he will “walk alongside” you and your partner as he empathetically guides you along your path to healing, happiness, and marital bliss.

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