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Why Men In London Are Going CRAZY For Prostate Massages

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men and prostrate massages

A prostate massage is an exciting and highly pleasurable erotic experience that boasts a wide variety of benefits. This stimulating treatment offers sexual satisfaction as well contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

While men around the world are opting for this safe and effective massage, London men, in particular, are going mad for prostate massages. Here are a few reasons why this wonderful experience is becoming more and more popular.

What exactly is a prostate massage?

The prostate is a reproductive gland that’s vital for the male orgasm. Situated around 2 to 3 inches inside the anal passage, it produces a fluid that assists with ejaculation and protects sperm. Prostatic fluid helps sperm to travel safely and neutralizes acidity in the vaginal tract, great for couples who wish to conceive.

Furthermore, massage of the prostate glands promotes the production of bodily fluids, bringing fresh blood and oxygen flow to the pelvic area. Therefore, it helps keep the prostate healthy. So, why is it so popular?

1. Men experience more intense orgasms.

Using prostate massage techniques, the intensity of orgasm can be greatly heightened. A recent survey by a prostate massage agency in London found that men climaxed nearly 33 percent stronger than normal.

Many men say that a prostate massage often feels like the start of an orgasm and for those who struggle to climax or have pleasurable feelings during regular intercourse, a prostate massage is a welcome release.

2. It promotes stronger erections.

Many men experience thicker and firmer erections with continuous prostate massage. This satisfying treatment is also great for preventing erectile dysfunction. With regular prostate massage, your sexual functions will gradually return to normal as you’ll begin to feel completely relaxed.

Furthermore, massaging the prostate area increases blood and oxygen flow to the region, helping to clear blocked fluids and helping you to achieve an erection.

3. It helps combat premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a major concern and issue for men in general. This can become stressful and frustrating for both you and a partner. Prostate massage techniques can help to resolve this by helping to manage exactly when orgasm is reached.

The prostate gland is interlinked with sexual function. Therefore, it can help act as an 'orgasm trigger'. By massaging the prostate, prolonged sexual enjoyment can be achieved without the anxiety of prematurely ejaculating.

4. It improves your relationship.

Prostate massage is a completely safe and healthy experience that both you and a partner can enjoy. According to the same survey, 8 out of 10 women would be happy to give their partner a prostate massage, eliminating the myth that it’s a taboo subject amongst females.

Whether you experience a prostate massage with your partner or enjoy the services of a professional, it’s a sensual activity that can boost your relationship.

Getting your partner to perform a prostate massage is an intimate experience, allowing you to connect on both an emotional and physical level. You may prefer to use an experienced and highly trained professional in order to increase the benefits you’ll receive from a prostate massage.

5. It improves your health.

Did you know that prostate massage has an array of medicinal advantages? One of the main health benefits of stimulating the prostate area is that it prevents inflammation and infections.

Bacteria and viruses are ready to spread in this region, but with regular prostate massage, blood flow is increased, providing much-required oxygen and nutrition to this area.

Furthermore, stimulating the prostate helps to cut the risk of suffering from prostate cancer. This is because massaging the area promotes regular ejaculation and removal of bodily fluids that can build up if not eliminated from the body regularly.

Stagnant body fluid is one of the main causes of prostate cancer, so by keeping the area clean and healthy, you’re lessening the risk of cancer. 

So there you have it, this once-taboo practice is something that is trending heavily and that you should consider using in your sex life for many valid reasons. It's really no surprise that men in London are no so open to prostate massage and its benefits.

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