When It Comes To Love, Are You Truly Openhearted?


Where the heart finds true value and how to live a life that supports the health of your heart.

The Open Heart

The heart holds the universal greater good.  It is where we balance our love and personal desires with the desires of another, as we weigh what has worth and value in our lives.

The heart is the seat of our will, and for most of us, our willpower is not consistent. When something is an act of will it is often referred to act of God. It takes an act of will to prove yourself to someone else, to compete against another.

Deep down you know, you don’t really have anything to prove to anyone.  Even when the pressure is there to do so.  What real value is created when you have to prove yourself to another?  When you are trying to impress others or improve things, stop for a moment and take a break.  Just breathe.  Avoid making promises. Start to set realistic goals that are truly healthy for you.

Notice when you feel undervalued or unappreciated.  Just breathe.  Don’t use the energy to take action.  You may have noticed that when you take action like this it gets you in nothing but trouble.

It’s only your mind that is undervaluing you. Don’t go mad trying to get recognition. Stop listening to your mind when it tells you you are unworthy. Then you can stop doing all these silly things to prove something to the other and find other ways to increase your own self-esteem. Make it an art to not make promises.

When you are explaining yourself, listen to your words. Focus your attention on feeling comfortable in your own body, the way you are. You are not here to say "I can do it!" Watch for that movement and nip it in the butt. 

Always weigh what has true value.  Is it a material thing that you invest your heart in? Or something that truly enriches your heart?  What makes your heart sing? 

In a marriage ceremony the bride and groom both say; "I Will." They commit wholeheartedly to the universal greater good, to the good of two and to always consider the other. Commit to wholeheartedly valuing yourself and your partner.  In this way your life will be led by the true desires of your own heart. You will be open to the deepest riches of life.

The heart works non-stop before you ever take your first breath; consider how to truly rest your heart. Rest in your own self-worth and breathe, let the pressure go and be the wonderful you that can weigh what has true worth for you, your loved ones and your heart.