5 Reasons Why Laughing Every Day Makes You Way Healthier

Cheapest medicine out there.

man and woman laughing Dejan Dundjerski / Shutterstock

Life can be difficult, discouraging and overwhelming, and full of situations with which you don't know where to turn to or who can help. Days that are filled with unexpected twists and turns leave you wondering when happiness and joy are coming your way. Conversations and situations that are out of your control make your head spin.

Yes, I get it those days are real and you may have them more than you want.


How often do you wish you can change your mindset and not feel bogged down all the time?

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Good news, now you can! And with the best and cheapest medicine there: laughter.

Life is all about balance. When we are pessimistic, we tend to view life as heavy and troublesome. It is therefore of the highest importance to have fun and play in your life because that brings positive energy, which in return gives you the ability to find solutions to your problems.

It is all in the perspective you have towards a situation or emotion you face, and you have the power to change yours. There are different ways you can accomplish changing your attitude: going for coaching, talking to a friend, even getting therapy.


But the easiest way to know how to be happy, lighten up, and create a positive attitude is through laughing. Yes, go ahead and laugh about this answer.

When you are done laughing, I will explain the benefits of laughter and why it's good for you:

1. Laughing changes your posture.

Your muscles relax, your face opens up, and all of a sudden you become and embody a person who is approachable, fun, and positive. Others will gravitate to that. Don't be surprised when you end up with more friends and people who want to hang out with you.

Body language is a huge part of human communication and a laughing face represents a none threat approach.  

2. Laughing connects people. 

Friends usually have the same sense of humor because laughing together is a huge part of a friendship. If you can't laugh together how can you support each other in distress?


Laughter is the greatest tool to survive the most horrible situations, therefore you need a partner in crime who can laugh about the same things.

3. Laughing is contagious.

When you smile, somebody else will smile back at you. Now, you've started a chain reaction of happy people everywhere.

As the saying goes: be the change you want to see.

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4. Laughing makes you feel alive.

When you laugh a lot, you feel that you can conquer the world and that the world is your playground. Your energy is light and you get the feeling that you are as free as a bird.

Wow, what a great day to be alive!


5. Laughing is a great stress reliever.

When in a difficult, traumatic situation, find something to laugh about. This will relieve the tension and the dark outlook on life. Even if it is just for a moment in time, your body gets the message all is okay we can do this together.

When you are dealing with stress, grief, or trauma, I understand that it is not always easy to laugh. But really try to find ways to laugh or smile every day.

Great resources are YouTube clips, comedy movies, or maybe just observe your neighbors. Just find something that tickles your funny bone and share that with a partner or friend. You will experience that life is full of possibilities and joy, even when you have to really look for it.


Bring balance into your life, be serious when you have to, but for the rest: play, be funny, laugh, and have a blast because your time on this planet is limited so make the best of it.    

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Ellen Nyland is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and author of the book "Life is Great Even When it Sucks". Learn more on her website.