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About Ellen Nyland

Welcome, It is nice to meet you, let me tell you about myself. My name is Ellen Nyland and I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) since 2008 specializing in life-coaching and family business coaching. I'm also successfully engaged in a family farm business for over 30 years and navigated through all the changes and challenges that a family business brings.

Coaching is a natural choice for me because it gives me the opportunity to be curious about somebody without making assumptions or needing to have the answers. I believe that we all have the right answers to our questions, and I love nothing more the help you to find the answer that is true for you.

I’m here to encourage and assist in peeling back the layers so that you can discover your I Am Status to live your life with YOUR values as the priority.

For family team building, I help you find all the options you have and utilize them. A healthy family business gives more health, by reducing stress and happy Christmas dinners. 

My passion stems from people who truly inspired me, mainly a couple I worked for as a teen. Will and Sue, they had 4 children; the youngest died in a farm accident when he was 3, the daughter was born with brain damage, the second son was hit by a car when he was 11 and ended up with brain damage and the oldest son died in a car crash when he was 34. I never met anybody else who went through life with so much grace and forgiveness as Will and Sue.

They taught me to really listen to what people have to say, give people love even when you don't understand them and most of all be none judgmental. I never heard Will or Sue gossip, complain or swear. I do my best to follow their example however I do catch myself an odd time complaining and swearing is work in progress. I strive to follow their example and even if I just achieve 50% I will be a happy person. 

If I can be of service to help you find your inner strength and wisdom I would feel honored and blessed. This would give me the opportunity to pay forward the knowledge and the wisdom Will and Sue taught me.   

In my spare time I love to interact with the family, read, watch movies and take walks in nature, engaging conversations are always welcome as well. Please visit my website to learn more about me and this wonderful work.

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