4 BJ Moves Will Give Him The Best, Hardest Erection Of His Life

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blow job tips

Oral sex.

Now that is a topic many of us don't talk about with our partners. We may have fantasies or wishes about the pleasure of oral sex but to verbalize them is something different. There's still a lot of shame around oral sex, and now is the time to blow that shame out of the water.

Lovemaking is like an art; it takes practice to become very skilled, and giving great blowjobs are no different. But with the next 4 moves and some prep work you will have your partner begging for more, and he will have an erection he will not likely forget.

1. Be confident and fearless when you go down on him.

Ladies, nothing is more arousing for a guy than a partner who can't get enough of him and shows that in the most intimate way. Taking the lead in bed is not only for the guys.

Step up and take command. You are in control of the when, where and how you will have your way with him.

When you show confidence without being bossy (unless that's something you both like), your partner will be more than willing to let you take the lead all the way to heaven.

 2. Ask about his fantasy and play it out.

This is where the prep work comes in.

You need to have a conversation about his fantasies and preferences. Are there different locations he likes to have sex? Maybe he is into role play, or he likes to try to incorporate sex toys or food into the lovemaking.

When you have that information, plan and prepare a date with his fantasy in mind and make his wish come true.

3. Make it about him.

Guys may look tough and in control and not always emotionally available. However, deep down they need the reassurance that they are important to their partner.

Ladies, when you fulfill his fantasy, keep in mind that this is all about him. Don't start demanding that he gives you the same treatment, that is a quick mood killer.

Just keep focusing on the build-up and let the love energy flow, if and when the time is right he won't keep his hands to himself even if he wanted to.           

4. Have great technique.

One technique does not fit all. Everybody is slightly different, but with these tips you can't go wrong. 

  • Ask HOW he wants it. Hard or soft suction maybe a combination of both. Licking and playing with his sack or not. Does he wants access to your body or is he happy with your hands and mouth focused on him?
  • Be playful. This is NOT an algebra test so don't be too serious about it. Have fun, don't be afraid to laugh.
  • Become attuned to your partner and look at the signs he gives you. Watch and feel his body movement and move with it, listen what he wants and give it to him. This looks like a dance of giving and taking with a very happy ending.    

Tip for the gentlemen: Don't forget personal hygiene. Nothing is more a turn-off than a workspace that is not clean.

Ellen Nyland is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) since 2008 specializing in life-coaching and family business coaching. If you have more sex questions please contact Ellen.