e-Infidelity: Is Your Partner Having A Digital Affair?

Online Infidelity: Is Your Partner Having A Digital Affair?

Our expert reveals the top red flags that your partner might be cheating.

Just about everything in our world has become digitalized. As with every advancement, there are both pros and cons. Certainly, one of the negatives is that life always seems to be happening in the fast lane. 

Given all that is now possible through the digital world, certainly opportunity for infidelity is far greater. Since the pace of everyday living has been so revved up, it's quite possible to miss the signs that would indicate something is going on. And if you aren't technologically savvy, but your partner is, it's possible to "erase" evidence. However, just like there are tell-tale signs when your partner is involved with someone else, there are also "red flags" to help you know if something is going on that would fall under the category of "e-infidelity." Here are some of them:

1. All emails are deleted when in the past they used to build up.
2. Lots of time is spent on the computer especially after you've gone to sleep.
3. When you walk into the room, the screen your partner was looking at is minimized or the laptop is put down.
4. Calls and text messages are deleted from the cell phone history.
5. Passwords are added to accounts where there hasn't been one before.
6. The history of the computer is deleted.
7. Your partner never leaves the cell phone out of his/her possession and he/she gets nervous if you try to use the phone.
8. Calls come in where the number is blocked.
9. A program is installed on the computer to detect if you're snooping.

In general, a good indicator of something being wrong is if your partner's behavior has changed. For some, this type of behavior leads to what we generally think of as infidelity. For others, the infidelity remains electronic (including looking at porn sites).  Even if it is the latter, it's still a break in the sanctity of the marital vow and trust of the marital relationship. In other words, boundaries have been crossed. Keep reading...

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