4 Ways To Stop The Urge To Cheat In Your Relationship


How to not stray in your relationship.

You have to know how to pull up before you get caught up! Did you know that more than half of the men who cheat are actually happy in their marriage or relationship? Men tend to cheat for a supplement. Women tend to cheat as an alternative.

The woman a guy cheats with is a temp, a substitute. The guy a woman cheats with is often a bridge out her current relationship. When men cheat they typically want to have sex, then forget about it. When women cheat, it's a life raft off of that sinking ship that her relationship has become.

Some common reasons for cheating are:

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness (more women)
  • Attention
  • Affection
  • To feel sexy or desired again
  • Excitement of new or more sex (more men)

Most women don't buy it but the guys who honestly didn't want to cheat are genuinely shocked and disappointed in themselves once it happens. The problem is they usually didn't realize how close to the line they were until it was too late. 

Once you're in that one-on-one situation where the only question left is, "Are we going to do this or not?"it's much too late. No man cheats all at once. We don't just wake up after dinner with some strange woman looking over us wondering how she got there?

We cheat by degrees. It's a series of boundaries that have been violated or worn away over time that led up to the ultimate violation. Sex with another person. Now you're caught up.

But fear not, there are ways to keep that from happening if that's really not what you want to do. Let's face it, there's a lot on the line if you cheat.

There's the loss of trust, loss of dignity, actually getting caught, possible breakup or divorce, or worse yet, staying in a relationship that's making you more miserable by the day and last of all the risk of disease. Some of which you may or may not ever be able to get rid of. 

But if you're paying attention there are a lot of fail-safes you can put into place before any of this happens.

In the Second Episode of my new show Sex Drive on CFFNation.com I talk about some quick things you can do to keep from getting caught up and I also talk to a woman who is on the verge of making a huge mistake who doesn't even know it! Check it out for the full display of tips and tricks on how not to get caught up! 

Some quick tips are:

1. Set the Rules.

Talk to each other about what's in bounds and what's not? Most agree that sex is out of bounds but what about non-sex cheating? Texts? Emails? Lunch? Drinks? Kissing?

Once you know the line it's that much easier not to cross it. 

2. Keep A Visual Reminder.

Pictures help, especially with guys because we are visual. So ladies, make sure you give him something to talk about!

3. Stay Plugged Into Your Life.

Remember everything you have to lose.

4. Play Dates. 

Phone, Skype sex or sexiness always helps.

5. Think Of The Consequences. 

Practice "If/Then" statements: If I cheat then, If I get busted then, If I get divorced then, life as I know it is over and everything changes. It never goes back to where it was.

Nobody can stop you from cheating if that's what you really want to do. If you're the one thinking about doing the cheating and you really would rather not go there then practice these tips and they'll definitely help you Pull Up before you get Caught Up!

Until next time,

Remember, Love Strong!

Dr. Ish