Mirror, Mirror - Who is the Person I See?


"Mirror Mirror" opens your heart to feel love for yourself so you can share your love with others.

Do you remember that fairy tale in which the wicked Queen would look into the mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?" When you gaze into a mirror looking into the eyes of the person facing you, if you ask that question:

  • Are you satisfied, even pleased, with the image that you see?
  • Do the thoughts in your mind bring a smile to your face?
  • Do you say words to that image that you would never say to a good friend?
  • Are you able to say "I love you" and "You are wonderful" and mean it?

So many of us pass by a mirror with a critical, negative and even viciously demeaning attitude.  We are looking at our own self and yet we think some really negative thoughts and feel less than positive emotions.  Our minds may be filled with negative appraisals of our own self and our body responds accordingly.

There is a wonderful song that my teacher and mentor, Ilana Rubenfeld, often played during the 3 years of my Rubenfeld Synergy Method training.  The song's title is: How Could Anyone.  The lyrics begin:  "How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful, How could anyone ever tell you you were less than whole, How could anyone ever tell you that your loving is a miracle...."  Those words touched my spirit so deeply that the tune is playing in my head even while I am writing this.

Now, an amazing and wonderful short film, story line written by April Manor, directed by Steve Murray, and produced by Doug Braddock. "Mirror, Mirror" is reaching people around the world with this very simple message.  What is the message so clearly presented?  Love yourself.  YOU do have value.  You are special.  You deserve to live and love and be loved.  Love yourself.

Watch Mirror Mirror and share your personal responses to this tender film.  Find just the right book, ebook or Kindle book to help you FIND LOVE IN YOUR HEART FOR YOU.