3 Tips To Protect Your Relationship From An Online Affair


We do everything online, even have affairs! Here are a few tips to affair-proof your Internet use.

Last spring I was part of this great panel of professionals who discussed the pros and cons of how the Internet has effected our relationships. At the end of the hour, I was asked to give a few tips for couples who wanted to affair-proof their Internet use.
“Really,” I said. “It just boils down to a big dose of common sense.”

To avoid an online affair the three main areas to pay close attention to are:

1. Content & Activity. Be confident that whatever you are doing on the Internet, it would be OK with your partner. If you quickly shut the cover to your laptop when your husband walks in the room, you better be purchasing his surprise birthday present (which he would clearly approve) and not ‘chatting’ with Thor, your hot boyfriend from college who thinks you are divorced.

You might say, Whoa! I'm entitled to my privacy! We do have a right to our privacy, this is true. But in a committed relationship we also have the responsibility of being accountable.

2. Find the time to be offline. If you think you may be spending too much time on the Internet then you are.

We do everything online, shopping, finding recipes for dinner, watching TV reruns, catching up with friends, blogging (!) which makes budgeting time on our computers, iPads and smartphones quite a challenge. If your partner complains about the amount of time you are online, talk to him about it. If he spends every waking moment online, talk to him about it! Negotiate.

Make time for eye to eye, tête á tête, conversation. As hard as that is, do it! Being together unplugged and offline is essential for your relationship, like air. Cook a meal together. Go out on a date. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Dance. Take a nap together. Do some serious cuddling. Anything that turns your attention away from the Internet and back on your flesh and blood primary relationship.

3. Nuture Intimacy. Couples need a cone of silence if they are to thrive. Keep arguments, disappointments, frustrations with your partner off the Internet and out of anyone else’s business. Never complain, whine or in any way post anything negative about your partner on your Facebook wall or anywhere online. If you are angry with him have the courtesy to tell him to his face.

With privacy you build intimacy. Intimacy is a hallmark of a happy relationship. Intimacy is earned over time and is founded on trust. It is a delicate thing, like a candle flame. Intimacy cannot be expected to survive the hurricane winds of the Internet without protection and nurturing.

If you are flirting, or going further, with people online, do not delude yourself that it is hidden! The immediacy and accessibility of the Internet plus the fact that we usually interact with it while alone, gives us the misguided impression of privacy when it is painfully the opposite. People like Chris Lee, former U.S. Congressman, learned that fact the hard way.

If it is too difficult to follow any of these suggestions for you or your partner, and you really want to keep your relationship intact, talk to him directly about your fears. Then consider getting help, either together or just for yourself.

Many couples struggle with this issue. Share your experience. How did you handle it? What helped you? Do you have any tip ideas? Leave a comment!

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