How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The key to long and luscious lashes!

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?


We all desire to have long, thick, curly lashes. Achieving a fuller eyelash appearance naturally may take you a substantial amount of time. Eyelash extensions can help you achieve this look in an instance.

How To Use?

Lash extensions are hair extensions that are added to the eyelashes. The eyelash expert glues each individual extension on to individual lash follicles. The attachment process may take a relatively long time. However, with expert services, the results are undoubtedly worth the wait. To maintain the fuller look refill your lashes as frequently as 3-4 weeks depending on the care you give your lashes and the rate at which your lashes naturally fall off.


To maximize on the use of your lashes, you can take care of the extensions in the following ways: 

  • To ensure they are attached permanently, do not wet your lashes for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid high temperatures until the extensions are firmly attached.
  • Treat your eyes gently. Avoid rubbing and tagging on the lashes.
  • Avoid oil based beauty cosmetics.
  • Ensure you get refills after 3 weeks or when the need arises.
  • Maintain facial hygiene for the best long lasting results.

Pros of eyelash extensions:

There are various advantages of using eyelash extensions which may include: 

  • Saving money on make-up and beauty products — Due to their fuller nature, lash extensions require little or no make-up to be applied. Moreover, eyelash extensions do not require curling thus no need for an eyelash curler. By doing so, lash extensions in a way save on additional cosmetics cost and time.
  • They offer assurance — Eyelash extensions last for weeks thus assuring the wearer of a fuller appearance for a longer period.
  • Instant solution — Once attached to the lashes, eyelash extensions give you an immediate fuller appearance with long, thicker and darker eyelashes.
  • They are long lasting — If taken good care off, eyelash extensions can last for months on the wearer's lashes. Proper maintenance allows you a longer time to enjoy your luscious look. Thus, they offer a long lasting solution to individuals with eyelash related problems.
  • They are light in weight — The lightweight will prevent the eyelash extensions from weigh down the natural lashes. This is very important in order to avoid the breaking off of the natural lashes.

Cons of eyelash extensions:

  • They are relatively expensive to own — Eyelash extensions as all other beauty products are expensive to buy. If that is not enough, the constant refills required are an added cost. These refills are mainly done after every 2-3 weeks to maintain that fuller appearance. You can only imagine the total cost in a year on lash extensions alone.
  • They require frequent maintenance — Lash extensions require refills as frequently as every 2-3 weeks. This makes them high maintenance, as you have to spend a lot of money on them. They also consume a lot of your time. A lot of caution is required when attending to your face so as not to make the extensions get loose and fall off prematurely.
  • They are not versatile — Unfortunately, lash extensions do not go well with oil-based make-up. This limits your options to either, water based cosmetics or no cosmetics at all. The oily cosmetics may cause the lash extensions to slide off from the natural lashes. In addition, oil based cosmetics require more cleaning when being washed off. This may loosen the grip of the extensions on the natural lashes, making them fall of prematurely.
  • They require expert application — If not applied well, the results are not as appealing as many would desire.
  • Side effects of eyelash extensions — Due to their artificial nature, eyelash extensions are bound to have some side effects. The extent of the effect depends on the application. Application done by a specialist is likely to have less negative effect. The main side effects include: The glue used to attach the lash extensions may have adverse effects to your lashes and eyes. An allergy to any of the ingredients used in making the glue may result in skin irritation and eye infections among other problems. Constant application of lash extensions may weaken your natural lashes causing them to break off. If not dealt with, eyelash loss is inevitable.

How to remove them?

Due to the complexity of eyelash extensions, it is advised that individuals see an expert for the removal. Ensure your eyelash specialist uses a quality eyelash extension glue remover. The expert will ensure a clean removal of the extensions without damaging your natural lashes.


Eyelash extensions are one of the best ways to achieve fuller lashes. Ensure you see an expert to attach them to your lashes to avoid sticking your eyelashes together with glue. To avoid damaging your lashes, a good quality eyelash extension glue remove should be used. Take good care of your extensions and avoid oily beauty products to make your eyelash extensions last longer.


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